Sophia Loren crowned again in Italy. And other Italian movie awards news.

Strangely we never saw any of the trades print a full list of Italy’s David Di Donatello nominations this year, always just linking to the Italian site which does not have the list displayed in a way where you can copy and paste it easily. Alas. Hidden Away, a biopic of an obscure artist, led the nominations and came out the big winner too. Bad Tales was not far behind in the nomination count but won only one prize. Netflix’s Italian original Rose Island had the third most nominations.

The awards were held a few days ago (oops) so it’s past time to share the winners. Sophia Loren’s Oscar hopes may not have panned out stateside but she won yet again in Italy for The Life Ahead. A few notes after the jump…

PICTURE “Hidden Away” 
DIRECTOR Giorgio Diritti, “Hidden Away”

Normally when we look at international prizes we wonder if the country in question will submit that particular film to the Oscars in the next International race. But because Oscar extended the eligibility period for so long last season, countries had 15 months of releases to choose from for the 93rd Oscars and they will only have 9 months to choose from at the next Oscars (if the Academy reverts to their October-September system for international submission eligibility that is).  

Female directors made some headway at Italy’s biggest film awards this season but none of them won. Italy has yet to give Best Director to a woman. Their most famous female director, Lina Wertmüller (of Seven Beauties fame), the first woman ever nominated for Best Director at the Oscars, only ever received a Career Award. The Donatellos didn’t have nominees until 1981 but previously just named winners which could account for Wertmuller’s lack of home country honors in her heyday.

DEBUT DIRECTOR Pietro Castellitto, “The Predators”

SCREENPLAY Mattia Torre, “Figli”

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Marco Pettenello, Gianni Di Gregorio “Lontano Lontano”

PRODUCER Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa “Miss Marx”

Miss Marx is an English language biopic about Karl Marx’s youngest daughter Eleanor (played by Romola Garai)

ACTRESS Sophia Loren, “The Life Ahead”

Netflix did well in Italy this year. Sophia Loren has never lost a David Di Donatello award. This is her 12th honor from the organization which is essentially the Italian Oscars. Strangely she won both a Career David and a Special David in 1999 and then this year they gave her both the competitive David AND yet another honorary award. So her total at the Italian Oscars comes to: seven competitive Best Actress wins , three special random prizes and TWO Career Davids. And you thought the Oscars had overdone it with Streep! 

Loren’s previous David Di Donatello Best Actress wins were for Two Women (for which she also won the Oscar), Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (which is wonderful), Marriage Italian Style (for which she was also Oscar nominated), I Girasoli, The Voyage, and A Special Day. But they also honored her with special awards for her performances in Black Orchid (1958) and the short film Voce Umana (2014), which like The Life Ahead, was directed by her son Edoardo Ponti.

The other best actress nominees were Micaela Ramazzotti (The Best Years), Alba Rohrwacher (The Ties), Paolo Cortellesi (Figli), and Vittoria Puccini (18 Presents)

ACTOR Elio Germano, “Hidden Away” 

This is Germano’s fourth leading actor David. Wow. He previously won for Mio fratello è figlio unico (2007), La nostra vita (2010… which also netted him Best Actor at Cannes), and Il giovane favoloso (2014)

SUPPORTING ACTRESS Matilda De Angelis, “Rose Island”

SUPPORTING ACTOR Fabrizio Bentivoglio, “Rose Island”

This film is currently streaming on Netflix if you’re curious. You’ll recognize Matilda de Angelis since she was the much discussed murder victim in HBO’s The Undoing, who came between Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s marriage. 


EDITING “Bad Tales”

Despite lots of nominations Bad Tales by the D’Innocenzo Brothers only won Best Editing.

DOCUMENTARY “My Name is Francesco Totti”

Yep, the latter beat Notturno, which was Italy’s Oscar submission for Best International Feature last season.

SCORE “Miss Marx”
HAIR ARTIST “Hidden Away”
SOUND “Hidden Away”
AUDIENCE AWARD “Tolo Tolo,” Luca Medici

BEST FOREIGN FILM “1917,” Sam Mendes

The other nominees for this prize were Jojo Rabbit (US), Les Miserables (France), Richard Jewell (US), and Sorry We Missed You (UK)

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