Sophia Loren Dispels Myth That Cary Grant Once Proposed To Her On Set

No, Cary Grant never actually proposed to Sophia Loren.

The legendary actress dispelled the long-running myth that Grant had proposed to her while they were filming the 1957 film “The Pride and the Passion”.

“Cary Grant was a very handsome man and a wonderful actor but he didn’t propose,” Loren told the Radio Times, according to the Guardian.

In her 2014 memoir, the 86-year-old Italian actress wrote about Grant’s romantic pursuit of her despite being married to his third wife at the time

The autobiography also included letters Grant wrote to Loren.

“You’ll be in my prayers,” he wrote in one. “If you think and pray with me, for the same thing and purpose, all will be right and life will be good.”

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