Sophia Loren revealed the secret of her youthful appearance. Anyone can do it without any problems

Italian actress and icon of the film industry Sophia Loren became famous especially in films such as Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and Two Women.

Her secret of infinite beauty is one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most effective. When asked how she remained so beautiful until she was 87, Sophia did not answer that expensive cosmetics or surgery were to blame. According to the actress, the main factor is something that really everyone can apply in their daily lives.

The secret of beauty

Her method of radiating positive energy and charisma at any age, which makes us more beautiful, is said to be “Love life.”

The actress tries to enter each day positively, according to her, it is one of the most important things ever. Without a positive approach, we do not have a chance to easily overcome even the smallest problems, and this is then reflected in our psyche and ultimately in appearance.

Loren he simply does not stress his life, but simply lives it. E.g. she won’t turn down a plate of spaghetti for fear she might gain some weight, good mood comes first for her.

It is said that he sometimes adds certain beauty rituals to this life motto, which Cleopatra also used. Sophia loves it Relax in a bath filled with donkey’s milk or olive oil. According to the actress, it beautifully softens and nourishes the skin on the whole body, and thus these special spas also help prevent its aging.

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