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Stardew Valley Player Builds A Shed For Breaking Bad’s Walter White

An imaginative Reddit user has created a meth lab from Breaking Bad, including Walter White, in the farming simulator game Stardew Valley.

One Reddit user has managed to pay tribute to Breaking Bad by creating an impressive recreation of a meth lab from the television show in Stardew Valley, complete with a character that looks just like Walter White. Despite releasing back in 2016, the game has remained popular with fans and it is regularly used by its players as a way of showing creativity. There is also an extensive collection of mods for Stardew Valley, expanding the base gameplay by adding new content and features that are not usually available.

At the start of 2021, Stardew Valley received the 1.5 update, bringing with it a whole host of new farm layouts, items, and additional content such as quests and NPCs. According to the game’s creator Eric Barone, the update was actually inspired by the Nintendo 64 title Super Mario 64. He explained in an interview that “There was some open-endedness [in Super Mario 64] in how you’d collect things and then unlock things. It’s pretty classic, but I think it’s generally pretty fun.”

A creative Redditor has recreated the meth lab from Breaking Bad in Stardew Valley, giving fans an idea of how Walter White might run his drug enterprise within the in-game world. The user, known as oOHITMANOo on the site, has included a number of details to help make the lab as accurate as possible. This includes a raft of equipment, such as test tubes, as well as machinery, and even a character that looks eerily like the anti-hero from the hit television series. The lab was built by decorating a shed within Stardew Valley, using a lot of scientific items that are difficult to acquire. The commitment to finding these rare items makes this a truly impressive creation.

Another recent creation from a Stardew Valley player appeared online earlier this year. But rather than being imaginative in nature, this particular farm captured attention because of its sheer size and longevity. This Stardew Valley farm took some 20 in-game years to complete, which equates to roughly 500 hours of gameplay. Having first been created in 2016 just two weeks after the title launched, the farm is still in progress but the creator expects it to be completed within the coming months.

The fact that Stardew Valley remains this popular some five years after it first launched shows just how well it has resonated with players all over the world. The freedom that it allows users will continue to give them the opportunity to show off their creativity with projects such as this impressive Breaking Bad lab. It’s an impressive tribute to the classic TV show in a video game that shares very few thematic elements with the violent crime drama.

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