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Starfield Aims to Beat GTA 6 Mods as Player Emerges With Tony Soprano Outfit That Has Left Gamers Stunned

Bethesda’s Starfield has taken the gaming world by storm and it is still in early access that launched on September 1st. Starfield is already breaking records and has become the fourth biggest game launch of the year, leaving behind From Software’s Armored Core 6 and Resident Evil 4.

While there are still a few days left for the official release of the game, the modders are not looking to waste any time. The game has numerous mods at the moment and they scream creativity. A Starfield player has now created a custom character resembling Tony Soprano from the popular Drama series.

Starfield from Bethesda
Starfield from Bethesda

Starfield Player is Playing as Tony Soprano

Bethesda has always done an amazing job in its games with character creation and the creation in Starfield takes character-building to new heights. Players start with a preset model and then build their character as per their preferences where they can choose the character’s race, weight, sex, and skin tone. Once players are done with the basics, they are free to unleash their creativity as they want and customize everything from the character’s chin to their body size. This is the most extensive character creator in any of Bethesda’s games.

Bethesda Continues Its Iconic Modding Tradition With Starfield
Bethesda Continues Its Iconic Modding Tradition With Starfield

Starfield player has created a custom character who looks like Tony Soprano and they have the traits and background of the popular character. This is the first pop-culture character that has appeared in the game and after the game is released, more such creations will surface online. Redditor ashdaddy10 posted a picture of their “Tony Soprano build” and the character has the same hairline and stocky build as the character.

My Tony Soprano build.
by u/ashdaddy10 in Starfield


Additionally, the character has the perfect Gangster backstory that shames GTA to some extent and has started with the Wanted trait and the Kid Stuff trait which perfectly suits the character, considering Tony Soprano’s relationship with his mother. Tony Soprano is a major character in the critically acclaimed HBO series, The Sopranos who is played by the late James Gandolfini and has received many Primetime Emmys and Golden Globe Awards nominations and awards.

Numerous Starfield Mods are Taking Over the Internet

Another pop-culture icon in Starfield, George Constanza from Seinfeld went viral when Modder dunce13 shared their “George Constanza Preset” mod which they claimed took two hours to make. The character creator in Starfield is one of the highly detailed and diverse ones, with a massive database of realistic characters.

You can Play Starfield as Seinfeld's George Constanza
You can Play Starfield as Seinfeld’s George Constanza

Modding in Starfield is not limited to characters only and a player customized their ship and built the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. As the game hasn’t been released yet, players can expect thousands if not millions of mods after it is available for everybody.

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