‘Survivor 42’: Everything to Know About Finalist Mike Turner

Mike Turner and five other castaways still remain on Survivor 42. But after tonight’s three-hour TV special, only one will stand. Turner is one of the strongest contenders in the game, and many fans think he could come out as tonight’s winner.

So who is Turner anyway? He’s a family man and a retired local hero. Read on to learn everything about one of our favorite players.

Mike Turner married his second wife, Staci, last November. Staci is his top supporter and fan on social media.

Turner is also a father of two. And he takes the role seriously. As he shared in his Survivor bio, raising the kids is his biggest accomplishment. And the 58-year-old is proud of who they’ve become.

“I know it’s cliché, but it’s true,” he admitted. ” I come from the projects, not a very good home life, and I didn’t know how to be a father. But I watched other good fathers, learned, and raised two amazing kids and I’m very proud.”

Mike Turner Credits His Career and ‘Background’ For his Strong Run on ‘Survivor 42’

Aside from being a great dad, Turner also served his community well by being a first responder. While he’s retired now, the castaway was once a Battalion Chief with the Hoboken, New Jersey, fire department.

His time on the job has not only helped him socially but it’s also given him an upper hand with the physical challenges of the game. And it’s also helped him connect with other first responders on the show, such as former contestants and current police officer Tony Vlachos. In past episodes, Turner has given high praise to Vlachos.

Turner’s “gift of gab” has also been helping him survive each council night. According to him, he loves to talk, and that passion gives him the ability to win over a crowd and make alliances. However, he does admit that sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop—and that can cause problems.

“I gotta learn to shut the hell up and talk low and just stay within myself,” he admitted.

But above all, Mike Turner believes that his childhood taught him how to play the game of Survivor.

“Life was always about surviving,” he told Parade ahead of the season. “I come from a background where we didn’t have any money or anything, and we weren’t looked upon as the echelon of our town. So I was always using my social game to get ahead, knowing how to talk to people and when to talk to people.”

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