‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Don Knotts Stayed With Boyhood Friend When Visiting Home. Why?

Don Knotts sure could make a lot of noise when playing Deputy Barney Fife opposite Andy Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show. If you remember, then Barney could either be telling Andy about something and get very excited. He also could be yelling “Citizens Arrest!” at the top of his lungs. All of this noise made for a lot of laughs as viewers. But Don Knotts would go home and visit a boyhood friend. Why did he stay with him?

Don Knotts Found Fame With Andy Griffith On Show

Let’s start out with this premise. Knotts was actually a house guest of some close friends. This does include Andy Griffith, where Don Knotts would crash if filming went so long that he could not get home.

But he also would stay at his childhood best friend’s house in Morgantown, W.Va. Knotts would go there to visit his mother as she still lived there. Why not stay with your mother, Don? So, he wanted to get a new home for Elsie, his mom. That was just after he was hitting it big on the Griffith show.

Still, this chance didn’t happen until after Knotts had left The Andy Griffith Show for his movie contract at Universal Studios. He just finished making The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. We get more details from MeTV.

The TV legend asked his mother where she wanted to live. Turns out that she just wanted to live in Morgantown. So, they found another house. He ended up paying $10,500 to move Mom. They remained close. But he didn’t stay with her when visiting.

Star Did Not Want To Disturb His Mother’s Peaceful Home

Knotts stayed with friend Jarvie Eldred on his visits home. Why? Mom liked a quiet house. Knotts and his friend would spend time together and not bother Mom. Friends looking to see Don Knotts could do so in the friend’s living room.

It might be that Knotts was a loud house guest. But the friend did not mind. Apparently, they would go out and get food remembering when things were simpler. But Elsie also would go out to California and visit Don. Mom would eat dinner in the kitchen there with the housekeeper. She chose to do this instead of meeting more of his friends at his dinner table.

This is quite an interesting relationship to some people, we’re sure. But this worked for Don Knotts and his mother probably was very proud of her son. Don Knotts and Andy Griffith worked well together and their TV antics remain a part of people’s lives from generation to generation. You can catch The Andy Griffith Show on your cable TV channels or even on a streaming service like PlutoTV.

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