‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Griffith Used an Odd Vehicle as His ‘Office’ in Early Days of Show

Most people take the bus to get to their workplace, but for the star of The Andy Griffith Show, the bus was his workplace. Andy Griffith was a man of many talents on the screen. From the genial man on his namesake show to more serious works like his role in Deadly Game, Griffith had made his mark on television throughout the 60s and 70s.

“[Griffith’s] headquarters at the studio is a customized bus 33 feet long,” People had reported at the time.

From how he portrayed himself on The Andy Griffith Show, fans might picture Griffith in a home office somewhere, scribbling away at a notepad. However, at one point during his career, the sitcom star actually repurposed an old 33-foot bus as his office.

It’s unclear if Griffith took out the old seats to make room for a desk or if he just left the beat-up vehicle as-is. However, it seems that the arrangement didn’t last very long, since there aren’t many accounts of Griffith using the makeshift office.

This fact is in stark contrast to how the star arrived at the set of The Andy Griffith Show. While he drove the Mayberry police department’s squad car on set, before work, Griffith preferred to ride with more style. Even though the set was only five minutes from his house in Hollywood, Griffith insisted on driving a ’69 Rolls Royce to work every morning – a Silver Shadow to be exact. Unlike his bus-made office, Griffith was quite proud of this full-size luxury vehicle.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Was Also a Collector

Andy Griffith’s office wasn’t the only odd fact that fans have found out about him. From what he likes to eat to some of his hobbies, the star of The Andy Griffith Show was an enigma to the outside world.

Even though Griffith chose to take his Rolls Royce to work, this was by no means the only car he had at home. As it turns out, The Andy Griffith Show star was a bit of a collector. Between antique furniture, hats, canes and classic cars, Griffith had an impressive arsenal of Americana memorabilia that would make even Mike Wolfe jealous. Fans and friends also knew him to have quite a few clocks and watches in his possession.

When Griffith wasn’t working on set or growing his collections, you might find him in the kitchen making a peculiar snack. While most Americans prefer to put jelly with their peanut butter, Griffith opted instead for a dollop of mayonnaise. Perhaps the star was watching his sugar intact, or maybe he just had a more advanced palette than the rest of us, but The Andy Griffith Show actor swore by the combination, regardless.

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