‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Watch Home-Movie Style Footage of the Series Behind-the-Scenes

Steeped in rare full-color footage, this outdoors-centric behind-the-scenes collection is a must-watch for The Andy Griffith Show fans.

Looking for some brilliant, rarely-seen footage from one of the best television shows of all time? Look no further! Outsider has found this fantastic montage of behind-the-scenes footage from The Andy Griffith Show. While details are sparse, the collection is currently hosted on YouTube via uploader Sam Davis.

Within, glorious color shows the lives of our favorite Andy Griffith Show actors as they go about their days on set. It’s a true time capsule, to be sure: one that puts much of the magic of this television classic into perspective.

All our favorites are here, including Andy Griffith himself, of course, as Andy Taylor. The montage opens with Griffith and young Ron “Ronnie” Howard in an iconic location that fans of the show will immediately recognize.

While we’re used to seeing it in black-and-white, the full-color footage on display here shows Franklin Canyon Park in all its glory. The park, which is located smack-dab in the geological center of Los Angeles, is where The Andy Griffith Show‘s timeless intro title was filmed.

Already whistling the theme song? Us, too. Give the incredible 8-minute montage a spin below, and relive the glory of Mayberry all over again:

The Andy Griffith Show’ Was and Remains Pure Magic

Watching this footage confirms what we’ve known all along: The Andy Griffith Show was, and will always remain, pure television magic. Few shows managed to be as friendly and kind as this classic without becoming stale for future audiences. But this isn’t the case today, with whole new generations of fans harkening to a simpler time through the eyes of the Taylors.

It’s true for audiences, and it was true for the cast members at the time, too. This is doubly true for one “Ronnie” Howard also, who today’s film fans will know as Ron Howard, one of the most prolific directors of his generation.

“I loved being a cast member,” Howard told the Director’s Guild of America in a past interview. For Howard, the love poured into The Andy Griffith Show also made him feel as if he was working in the movies for every single episode.

“The episodes were like little movies. It was a single-camera show, so the directors were vitally important,” he notes. We can clearly see this in the BTS footage above, which is fascinating to behold.

“The writers were around for the read-throughs on Thursdays, but the director really took over for the rehearsals on Fridays, and then we’d film on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,” Howard continues.

For Ron Howard, The Andy Griffith Show “was a tremendous environment because although there was a lot of laughter, there was also a real keen sense of purpose.”

With leaders like Andy Griffith himself and Don Knotts at the helm, this isn’t hard to imagine from the outside. For far more from Howard on his experiences on the show, continue on to ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Detailed What Made Episodes ‘Like Little Movies’.

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