The Book of Boba Fett: Will Boba Fett Embrace his Mandalorian Heritage?

Though he once called it "Bantha fodder," Boba Fett's respect for Mandalorian culture seems to be growing, but will he join the fight for Mandalore?

In the last episode of The Book of Boba Fett, Boba is confronted with faces from his past as well as people who believe in his culture and heritage in a way that he seemingly does not. During the final battle with the Pyke Syndicate, Boba Fett attempts to get the Mandalorian Din Djarin to leave in an effort to save his life, but Din refuses to leave Boba Fett’s side, restating that this is their way as Mandalorians. In the past, when Boba Fett dealt with Mandalorians, he’s been fairly dismissive of their ways and customs. With Din, however, he expresses genuine respect for the warrior’s decision.

Boba Fett is a Mandalorian by his heritage despite being a clone, as Jango Fett was a Mandalorian and considered Boba Fett his son. Boba Fett has always shown a great amount of reverence for his father, but not for Mandalore. It is unknown how much Boba Fett even really knows about his culture and heritage as Jango died when Boba was a child and was not a part of any Mandalorian society.

In the second season of The Mandalorian, when Din and Boba Fett meet with Bo-Katan, Boba scoffs at her mission to restore Mandalore. That mission was a large part of the end of the second season of The Mandalorian and has been a throughline in many Star Wars stories. Everything seems to be building up to Bo-Katan once again fighting for her version of a free Mandalore. With Boba Fett lately showing more acceptance of Mandalore’s culture, and not just having reverence for his father, he may join this conflict.

Mandalore is currently still under the rule of the remnants of the Empire, and Bo-Katan is trying to build her forces to fight for it. Din Djarin has the Darksaber, a black lightsaber that gives him the right to lead Mandalore in accordance with their traditions. Both of these characters have been set up for the war to liberate Mandalore, and considering Boba Fett’s heritage and his new outlook, perhaps he is, too. As someone who was raised completely outside Mandalore and its traditions he is a bit of an outsider, but considering he is now more respectful of their ways, he may feel he should be involved.

Boba Fett is the most recognizable Mandalorian in Star Wars, and while his connections to them are not quite as direct, having an outsider’s perspective could add a lot to this new conflict. The culture and beliefs in Mandalore have been explored in a multitude of ways, and everything appears to be building to a conflict where all perspectives on what Mandalore should be will clash.

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