‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Eve Plumb’s ‘Gunsmoke’ Dress Was Once Worn By Shirley Temple

What do Jan Brady from “The Brady Bunch” and Shirley Temple have in common?

Today, movie costumes are frequently custom-made to fit the actors and the theme of the movie. However, back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for movies and television shows to reuse costumes from other Hollywood productions. John Wayne hats were featured in other westerns. The set of “The Wizard of Oz” was found hidden underneath the set for “Little House on The Prairie.” So, it’s not too surprising that actress Eve Plumb, who played Jan Brady on “The Brady Bunch” discovered that she was wearing a dress previously worn by Shirley Temple. During a recent interview, Plumb talked about working on the classic TV show, “Gunsmoke,” and discovering that her costume was previously worn by a Hollywood icon

“‘Gunsmoke,’ now I don’t remember. I was really young. But I do remember because I loved getting dressed up. And going to western costume, and getting fitted for costumes,” said Plumb. “One of them, I think it was the fell down the well one. They had to have a few dresses for me because I had to be dirty in one scene and clean in the other. And I swear there was a tag sewn in there that said ‘Shirley Temple.’ These days we take a picture of everything. I would have loved to have a picture of that.”

Eve Plumb Almost Didn’t Get The Part Of Jan In ‘The Brady Bunch’

During the same interview, Eve Plumb talked about how she landed the role of Jan on “The Brady Bunch.” First, she explained that, when she auditioned, the show was called “The Brady Brood.” The show later changed its name to “The Brady Bunch.” Plumb said that she was essentially called in for an auditioning “cattle call.”

“It was just another audition. At that time they were seeing all sorts of ages and all sorts of hair colors. And so it was sort of what they called a ‘cattle call,’” said Plumb. “So, I didn’t make the cut. But the next thing I know I was being called in to meet the director and the producer. And I don’t remember much of what was said other than ‘Well, she looks like our girl’ – meaning Florence Henderson. And the next thing I know I was in an itchy satin bridesmaid dress for the wedding.”

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