The Mandalorian’s New Allies Are The Last Group Fans Expect

As The Mandalorian comes to comics, it’s been hinted that Din Djarin will be teaming up with an unlikely group: the Jawas he previously disintegrated.

As The Mandalorian comes to comics, it’s been hinted that Din Djarin will be teaming up with an unlikely group: the Offworld Jawas who he previously disintegrated. Throughout the Disney+ Star Wars series, the Tatooine scavengers had played a somewhat antagonistic role, but now they might receive a sympathetic characterization.

The popular series was ripe for a comic book adaptation, and is now receiving two distinct comics from Marvel and Panini Comics. While the Disney+ series continues with a third season on the way, both comic iterations are returning to the first season timeframe, in which bounty hunter Din Djarin was initially going on standalone adventures with “Baby Yoda,” Grogu. Marvel’s The Mandalorian will span eight issues and is set to begin in June.

As announced on StarWars.com in a preview for comics coming in July, Star Wars: The Mandalorian #2 is teasing the return of the Jawas, but with a friendlier role than they were previously known to have. The issue is written by Rodney Barnes with art by Georges Jeanty and a cover by Kaare Andrews. The cover’s depiction of a Sandcrawler with Din Djarin hanging on could signal that things don’t get off to a smooth start this time around either. After locating a mysterious item of high value, the bounty hunter is tasked with finding its thieves: the Offworld Jawas. Through a strange turn of events, it seems the two might be joining forces according to a brief description of the issue. Variant covers have been announced by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Salvador Larocca, and Jim Cheung, along with a concept art version.

Previously in the second episode of The Mandalorian’s premiere season, Din Djarin used lethal force on Offworld Jawas by disintegrating them, in one of the series’ most violent sequences. The desert scavengers also try to steal his signature ship, the Razor Crest, but prove unable to pull off the heist. However, they manage to pin it down and take away its functionality. Unlike the regular Jawas, their beady red eyes only add to their disingenuous and untamed image, making it difficult to imagine the Mandalorian befriending the creatures.

Such unlikely team-ups are a part of what The Mandalorian’s comic book iteration could have to offer. Considering the serialized nature of the series, it’s likely to make a smooth transition into the medium, with issues that feel like actual episodes. Although the stakes might remain relatively low, the Offworld Jawas’ dynamic with Din Djarin will be interesting to see unfold in light of his murderous acts against them in The Mandalorian.

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