The Most Powerful Fire Type Pokemon From Gen 1 & 2, Officially Ranked

There's a real fondness for the first two generations of Pokémon, especially when it comes to the series' early Fire Types.

It’s been over two decades since the Pokémon games hit the market and immediately became a never-ending phenomenon. Right from the start, the Pokémon titles managed to be unique and inventive in terms of what Game Boy games attempted, but each new title in the series has added more to the Pokémon formula and pushed the games to become even more ambitious.

The Pokémon series has been at an all-time high with the first mainline console game hitting the Switch with Pokémon Sword and Shield, the continued success of the mobile title, Pokémon GO, and a new animated series currently in production. It’s kind of remarkable to see how much the series has evolved and changed since its inception, but there’s still a real fondness and level of nostalgia for the first two generations of Pokémon titles, when things were much simpler.

12 Magcargo Is A Slow And Steady Fire Type

Looking like a sad snail doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence, but Magcargo is at least stronger than his predecessor, Slugma. The tragic truth of Magcargo is that even though his origins stem from lava and he can burn Pokémon, his crystalized shell makes him so fragile that simply touching him causes him to crumble apart.

11 Magmar Is A Plucky, Fire-Based Underdog

Magmar is definitely the ugly duckling of Gen 1’s fire type Pokémon, and not just because he kind of looks like a duck. Magmar eventually gets pre- and post-evolutions, but he’s a lone wolf in the original games. He has some strong moves, but he’s still at the bottom of the power scale.

10 Rapidash Mixes Speed With Flames

Rapidash is just a Pokémon design that makes sense. A horse with a luxurious fire mane is such a powerful image and Rapidash basically does everything that Ponyta does, but better. Not only does this Pokémon have strong fire techniques, but his exceptional speed is where his real advantage is.

Ninetales Brings Elegance To Fire Types Everywhere

Ninetales’ pre-evolution, Vulpix, is on the cuter side of Pokémon, but Ninetales is much more of a graceful and powerful specimen. If Pokémon trainers aren’t stunned by its many tails, then its strong fire techniques will wake them up. The Pokémon also pulls its origin from Asian folklore, which gives Ninetales an appropriate mystique.

Flareon Is The Fiery Side Of Eevee’s Evolutionary Chart

Eevee is one of the more fascinating Pokémon out there in the sense that it can evolve into many different Pokémon that basically allow it to embrace any of the different Pokémon types available. Flareon is Eevee’s fire type evolution and it makes for a strong fighter from the games’ first generation.

Charizard Is The Final Form Of Gen 1’s Starter, Charmander

Charizard is the final form (not counting Mega Evolutions) of Generation 1’s fire starter Pokémon, Charmander. Charizard adds flying to the Pokémon’s repertoire and its fire attacks are incredible. The Pokémon has become one of the most popular in the series, even becoming Pokémon Red’s mascot and playing a significant role in the animated series and trading card game.

Houndoom Is A Dangerous Mix Of Types Not To Be Messed With

Houndoom is a dangerous mix of fire and dark types and it results in quite the frightening and capable Pokémon. Houndour are some of the most coordinated and team-oriented Pokémon out there, which Houndoom only expands on. Plus, its fire breath works in mysterious ways where even after the flame is gone the burn is still felt forever.

Typhlosion Is The Apex Of Gen 2’s Fire Starter

It’s fun when each new generation of Pokémon games introduce a fresh set of starter Pokémon into the mix. It can often be difficult to top the Pokémon that came before, but Generation 2’s Typhlosion is an admirable addition to the fire types. Typhlosion is a worthy successor to Cyndaquil and Quilava. It’s also said to create such intense heat that it can shield itself with a persistent heat shimmer.

Arcanine Packs A Surprisingly Explosive Punch

Arcanine is an interesting situation since it’s a Pokémon that was originally intended to be legendary in nature, which results in the Pokémon’s stats being considerably higher than normal and them being capable of learning a number of techniques that are stronger versions of other moves. Growlithe is nothing special, which is why Arcanine’s strength is such a surprise.

Moltres Is The Original Legendary Fire Bird Pokémon

Moltres is one of three members of the original legendary trio, and it takes the form of a powerful bird that’s made up of flames. There are obvious parallels between Moltres and the Phoenix, but it gets its origin from various pieces of folklore. Moltres is one of the biggest challenges and greatest assets to acquire in the original Pokémon games.

Entei Is A Legendary Addition To Fire Type Pokémon

Entei is one of the legendary Pokémon for Generation 2 and it’s easily up there as one of the strongest fire type Pokémon from the first two generations of games. Entei doesn’t just look like a powerful beast, but it’s such an extreme creature that whenever it barks a volcano is said to erupt somewhere. In spite of this power, Entei began as just a normal creature who Ho-Oh resurrected into the powerful Pokémon.

Ho-Oh Soars The Skies With A Fire Infusion

Ho-Oh is likely the strongest fire type Pokémon that the first two Pokémon games have to offer. Ho-Oh isn’t just a giant Pokémon that contains powerful abilities, but Ho-Oh (along with Lugia) is also the guardian of the three legendary bird Pokémon from Generation 1 and is also responsible for resurrecting creatures into Generation 2’s legendary Pokémon.

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