The Most Powerful Grass Type Pokemon From Gen 1 & 2, Officially Ranked

New Pokémon are designed with each generation, but most agree Gen 1 and 2 can't be beat. Especially when it comes to Grass types.

The Pokémon series has done an impressive job at adding more to its basic formula and universe over the years, while retaining the core dynamics of the franchise and never straying too far away from where it started. There have been a number of modern advancements and quality of life changes with each new generation of Pokémon games. Another major area where the series has shown growth is in the different types of Pokémon that are out there.

There have been surprising additions over the years like Dark, Steel, and even Fairy. It’s been entertaining to see the Pokémon series get more experimental and develop hybrids of Pokémon types, but sometimes the types introduced in the original games still hold the most impact. There’s something to be said for the core dynamics that started the series in the first place.

15 Sunflora Looks Pretty, But Can Still Defend Itself

Sunflora looks like more of the sort of doodle that someone from Game Freak would come up with on the phone than a real Pokémon. It’s just a sentient sunflower from Generation 2. Sunflora thrives in the sun and when it’s night the Pokémon totally shuts down and stops moving, which is a major disadvantage. However, it’s still a step up from Sunkern, who used to have the lowest stats of any Pokémon ever until Sun and Moon’s Wishiwashi.

14 Tangela Is A Mysterious Plant Type With Secrets

Tangela is a quirky Pokémon that excels in the area of camouflage as it blends in with the vines and bushes in nature. Tangela’s vines easily break off, but do so without pain and quickly regenerate. This makes escape another one of Tangela’s specialties as it excels in its defense rather than brute strength.

13 Gloom Looks Like A Mess, But Holds Options And Potential

Generation 1’s Oddish is one of those expendable grass type Pokémon that are rather plentiful, but it’s when that Pokémon evolves into Gloom that things start to get interesting. Gloom has a very silly appearance, but it’s able to defend itself by producing a toxic stench that clears the scene and wards off any threats. It doesn’t have the strongest physical attacks, but it hopes that it never has to get to that point.

12 Weepinbell Has A Mouth As Big As Its Heart

While not as powerful as Victreebel, Weepinbell is still a Pokémon that can properly defend itself thanks to its mix of grass and poison type abilities. Unfortunately, Weepinbell has a penchant for sleeping, which can get it into trouble and even though it can swallow many of its opponents whole, it struggles to properly sneak up on them.

11 Bellossom Is A Floral Beauty

Generation 2 of Pokémon introduced an alternate evolutionary path for Gloom that allows it to turn into Bellossom instead of Vileplume with the use of a Sun Stone. Bellossom is a much cuter Pokémon than Vileplume, but it also packs less of a punch. Vileplume is known for its toxicity, but Bellossom requires sunlight to thrive and at night it’s totally useless.

10 Vileplume Packs A Poisonous Punch

Vileplume is almost like the poison ivy of Pokémon. It uses its smell as a defense mechanism, but it’s also such a toxic Pokémon that if anyone comes in contact with it they’ll be infected for at least a few days due to Vileplume’s spores. This means that Vileplume can do damage longer after the battle is finished.

Parasect’s Bark Is Just As Bad As Its Bite

Parasect is a somewhat disturbing hermit crab-esque take on a Pokémon. It’s a Pokémon that tricks many people by the fact that it’s the mushroom that’s more powerful and sentient than the creature underneath it. Parasect fully realizes this idea as the mushroom grows to an enormous size. Parasect wields a strong arsenal of grass and bug type attacks, but it can also hollow out trees for sustenance.

Jumpluff Drifts Into Battle With The Greatest Of Ease

Jumpluff, another third form evolution from Generation 2, is a grass type Pokémon that caters towards an airborne advantage. The Pokémon may not look like much, but its tiny size allows it to float through the sky and control its trajectory, while it’s then able to attack its enemies from above.

Bayleef Will Slice And Dice You

Bayleef is the evolved form of Chikorita and this Pokémon from Generation 2 is the perfect mix of a strong offense through its razor-sharp leaves and a commendable defense strategy as its pleasant odor still begins to lull its opponents into a false ease. Bayleef’s design and name went through some drastic revisions before the dinosaur-like appearance was settled on.

Ivysaur Is A Master Of Vines

Sometimes the middle stages of the starter Pokémon get overlooked in the larger picture, but Ivysaur has managed to have enough of a personality to stand out beyond Bulbasaur and Venusaur. He even becomes a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Ivysaur doesn’t have the advanced Hyper Beam capabilities that the mature Venusaur does, but his speedy vines and other grass type skills still make him a powerful fighter.

Victreebel Is An Unpredictable Plant That Cannot Be Tamed

Victreebel may not be the flashiest of Pokémon, but back during the first generation of games, it was one of the more dependable grass type Pokémon. It’s also one of the select few that evolves twice over, starting with Bellsprout. Victreebel is a strong grass/poison hybrid and it’s a master of the long game, holding out to gain the advantage in battle.

Meganium Is The Top Of The Line For Gen 2’s Starter

Meganium is the final form of Pokémon Gold and Silver’s grass type starter, Chikorita, and even though the Pokémon is as powerful as any third form evolution, it’s also a Pokémon that caters more towards a strong defense. Meganium can use leaves to attack its enemies, but the Pokémon also produces a soothing scent that causes its opponents to calm down and become less powerful.

Exeggutor Looks Strange, But Packs A Psychic Punch

Exeggutor may get underestimated because the Pokémon sports a silly appearance, but it’s actually a deceptively powerful fighter. Exeggutor showcases a number of powerful abilities that pay service to the grass side of the Pokémon, but it’s the psychic half of Exeggutor that puts him over the edge. Exeggutor has some surprisingly helpful psychic abilities that make him very well rounded.

Venusaur Is Bulbasaur All Grown Up

Venusaur may look a little gruffer than Bulbasaur and Ivysaur that come before it, but this Pokémon is the perfect synthesis of Pokémon Red and Blue’s grass type starter. Venusaur doesn’t just have a wealth of formidable grass type abilities, but the giant bulb on its back has finally come fully to term, which allows it to unleash a seismic beam at its foes.

Celebi Is A Mystical Forest Pokémon

Celebi is more or less Generation 2’s equivalent to the elusive Mew, which makes the 251st Pokémon quite the rarity. Even though Celebi is a strong representative in the grass type department and has moves that demonstrate that, it’s the fact that Celebi is able to travel through time that really turns him into a top-tier Pokémon.

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