The Most Powerful Water Type Pokemon From Gen 1, Officially Ranked

Water type lovers rejoice! As far as everyone's favorite nautical Pokémon go, Gen 1 has the rest of the franchise beat.

Back in the 90s, Pokémon came along and quickly took over the world, cementing itself as a powerhouse in no time. Over the years, things have changed and evolved in ways that original fans could not have imagined. The way that the minds behind the franchise have been able to adapt and maintain relevancy in a changing entertainment industry is nearly unparalleled, and as it stands now, we are currently in the eighth generation of the franchise. Thankfully, it is still chugging along and pleasing fans around the world.

Though there have been some tremendous changes over time, many people still enjoy going back to the first generation of the franchise to see where it all began. After all, this was what got the ball rolling and it gave way to some of the most famous Pokémon to date.

Water-type lovers rejoice, because today, we are going to take a look at the most powerful water-type from the first generation!

15 Slowbro – Total Power: 390

Slowbro is a dual-type Pokémon that just barely makes the cut here. Because we are going by overall numbers, the 390 that Slowbro is sporting is nothing to scoff at. Sure, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it just goes to show that water-type Pokémon can hold it down.

14 Seadra – Total Power: 395

Clocking in at 395, Seadra is a formidable Pokémon that will require some patience to obtain. Many trainers like to do things the old-fashioned way, and if that’s the case, then a good amount of training will be involved here. Thankfully, we can say that the juice is worth the squeeze.

13 Dewgong – Total Power: 405

With an overall stat total of 405, Dewgong is a Pokémon that is far more formidable than he looks. Sure, this Pokémon may look cute as a button, but there is plenty of power that can be found here, which is why seasoned trainers have given this Pokémon a chance over time.

12 Golduck – Total Power: 405

Psyduck may not look like much, but after sufficient training, he eventually evolves into a Golduck and is able to generate a pretty good amount of power. Golduck is known to pack a punch, and with the right moves assigned, he can come through in the clutch for any trainer.

11 Poliwrath – Total Power: 410

Trainers that get their hands on a Water Stone and are sporting a Poliwhirl in their lineup are going to be able to make the jump to Poliwrath in a flash. The good thing about this evolution is that Poliwrath is a solid Pokémon that clocks in at a respectable 410.

10 Omastar – Total Power: 425

Again, we see a dual-type Pokémon enter the fray, as Omastar is powerful enough to make it onto this list. It will take some time to get an Omastar, but once an Omanyte evolves at level 40, trainers are going to be pleasantly surprised at what this Pokémon can do.

Kingler – Total Power: 425

Even though many people don’t associate this animal as something powerful in real life, it just so happens that this Pokémon can pack a punch. In fact, at 425, it is on the same level as some other Pokémon that many people would perceive to be stronger. Do yourself a favor and give Kingler a try.

Blastoise – Total Power: 425

Blastoise is one of the most beloved Pokémon in the entire series, and it should come as no surprise that he was able to make this list. Many people like to start off with Squirtle while playing the game, and they will take the long road to get their hands on a Blastoise.

Kabutops – Total Power: 430

This dual-type Pokémon is as tough as it looks, and the trainers that take the plunge and walk the long road to get their hands on a Kabutops are going to be thankful that they did. It has a considerable amount of power and it can make all the difference when taking on a gym.

Vaporeon – Total Power: 430

People love Eevee because it has the ability to change into several different Pokémon, and Vaporeon is the water-type that the Pokémon can become. As it were, Vaporeon is one of the more powerful water-type Pokémon in its generation, which is all the more reason to get an Eevee.

Starmie – Total Power: 435

A Water Stone is exactly what a trainer will need if they want to evolve their Staryu into a Starmie, and we recommend that this happens down the line. Staryu is a nice starting place, but it simply does not compete with a Starmie, which finds itself pretty high on our list.

Tentacruel – Total Power: 435

The name of this Pokémon alone lets people know that it means business, so it should come as no surprise to see it on this list. What may come as a surprise is that the Pokémon is ranked this high. With an impressive 435 overall, all water based trainers should get one ASAP.

Lapras – Total Power: 450

Lapras is a Pokémon that packs a considerable amount of size, but as we have seen in the past, the size of the Pokémon is never a good indication of how much power it has. Thankfully, there is nothing deceiving here, as Lapras is known for being an absolute powerhouse.

Cloyster – Total Power: 480

While playing the game, many kids had no idea just how huge a Cloyster actually was, but the animated series clued them in on the truth. Its size alone is impressive, and the fact that Cloyster is one of the most powerful water-type Pokémon in the game means that it is near the top of the list.

Gyarados – Total Power: 480

A Magikarp is one of the most useless Pokémon in the game, but after an intense amount of training and a whole lot of patience, it turns into this tank of a Pokémon. Gyarados is one of the most popular and powerful Pokémon in franchise history, and it always gets the job done.

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