The Myers-Briggs® Types Of M*A*S*H Characters

M*A*S*H* is a popular show, even today. Match the Myers-Briggs® personality type of its main characters with your own to see who you relate to most.

Perhaps some of the most beloved characters on TV, these doctors and nurses not only saved the lives of the soldiers who passed through the 4077 MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) but they did it with humor, taking their jobs, but not themselves, too seriously.

MAS*H was originally a best-selling book, which then became an award-winning movie, but it was the CBS television show that aired from 1972 to 1983 and those character portrayals that remain most memorable. The Korean War personnel are albeit fictional people, but ones whom fans want to emulate. Match their Myers-Briggs® personality type with your own to see who you relate to.

10 ESTP: Hawkeye Pierce

This personality type is entertaining to be around. Gregarious, funny, and full of energy, this action-oriented person can be very influential and persuasive. But as adaptable and resourceful as they are, their impulsiveness, competitive nature, and flair for drama can get in their way.

Alan Alda’s portrayal of Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce was classic. The Chief Surgeon was a quick-witted smart aleck and womanizer who made fun of himself and other people more. According to the actor, his character “Hated war, hated death, and hated people dying, if he could do something about it.”

9 ESFP: Trapper John

The very social personality likes to look on the bright side and can be a great conversationalist. Practical, definitely, but on a good day very spontaneous, which on a bad day can be seen as impulsive and someone who gets bored easily.

This was how Wayne Rogers played Captan John McIntyre in the first three seasons – a dedicated surgeon and class clown, joining Hawkeye in playing practical jokes and seducing women, even though he swears he loves his wife and daughters.

8 INTP: Captain B.J. Hunnicutt

Quiet, reserved, and thoughtful, this personality prefers a small group of close friends to a Ben Hur gang of thousands. Loyal and affection for loved ones is Job #1, making this person a bit difficult to get to know because expressing feelings doesn’t come easily.

Mike Farrell stepped in as a skilled surgeon, as well as Hawkeye’s new sidekick. He also has a wife and daughters, but he is a faithful family man and a voice of reason. This doesn’t stop him from joining in on the pranks pulled on Frank Burns.

7 ESTJ: Hot Lips Houlihan

Strong leadership skills, hard-working, and confidence are the top qualities of this MBTI personality type. On the negative side, they can be inflexible, bossy and someone who comes across as insensitive. These often make up for this with their dependability and practical behavior.

This fits Hotlips Houlihan to a T, Loretta Swit. The head nurse was the daughter of a general who wanted a son to follow in his footsteps, so she became the soldier daddy didn’t have. She also had a tempestuous affair with Frank Burns.

6 ISTJ: Major Frank Burns

Of course, this personality has good qualities, such as living in the present and being organized, but the negative ones, like rigidity and being unyielding when it comes to maintaining structure, as well as the tendency to blame others, are how Larry Linville played the guy everyone loved to hate.

This surgeon is an underhanded man and incompetent doctor intimidated by the better-trained medical professionals. To cover this, he acts dismissive and condescending, and after Hot Lips marries a lieutenant colonel, he has a mental breakdown and is transferred home.

5 ENTJ: Major Charles Winchester

Those with this personality type are very rational problem spotters and solvers and excel at taking charge because they’re natural leaders with strong communication skills. They may come off as cold, intolerant or insensitive, but they are really just hiding their emotions and sentimentality so as not to be seen as weak.

David Ogden Stiers played Frank’s replacement on the surgical team who is cultured and straight-laced but has a gloating attitude that makes him the new foil for tentmates Hawkeye and B.J. As snobby as he is, Winchester is very kind.

4 ENTP: Max Klinger

This personality type does not like to be controlled and dislikes routines and schedules. They are avant-garde, creative, and chatty.

Often known as the Innovator, Jamie Farr as Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger certainly lived up to that title coming up with unorthodox ideas to get a Section 8 discharge. A good soldier/orderly who never shirked his duty, even though he didn’t want to be in Korea, he cross-dressed his way through the war, ended up falling in love with a local woman and stayed.

3 ENFJ: Father Francis Mulcahy

This personality is a lover of people, motivating, and inspirational, no matter how diverse the group. A desire to devote their time to others makes them self-sacrificing. They go above and beyond in the warm-hearted and encouragement department, but they do need alone time though to organize their thoughts.

Hence, William Christopher’s role as the U.S. Army chaplain is very forgiving of the gang’s amoral pranks and womanizing. He never proselytizes, but chooses to teach others by example. He often puts himself in harm’s way to help retrieve medical supplies.

2 ESTJ: Colonel Potter

Individuals with this personality place a high value on tradition, rules, and security. They involve themselves in civic duties, government, or community organizations. Their take-charge attitude makes them confident leaders who are very frank and honest, although a bit inflexible.

Harry Morgan as the horse-loving Col. Sherman T. Potter was a soldier’s soldier and a by-the-book officer who began his career in World War 1. Yet, he had a sense of humor – he had to in order to deal with the cast of characters under his command.

1 INFP: Radar O’Reilly

Of all the personality types, this one relies heavily upon intuition, with an emphasis on personal feelings. They are loyal and devoted, as well as caring and interested in others.

This was Gary Burghoff as the colonel’s right-hand man with a childlike quality. The corporal joined up as a naive farm boy right after high school and has ESP and exceptional hearing. He runs the PA and radio station and anticipates the needs of others before even they know what they want.

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