The Office: 10 Outlandish Lies Dwight & Jim Told Each Other

Jim didn't take his job seriously on The Office, which led him to lie to Dwight for fun or to get back at him for reciprocal lies.

Jim and Dwight are known for pushing the truth with each other on The Office. After years of working beside each other, the only way the two could get through the workday sometimes was to prank each other or tell a white lie to get the other all riled up. The two appeared to be frienemies but if the other was in trouble, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to help the other (as much as it’s hard to admit).

Jim didn’t take his job too seriously and was only really there to be close to Pam. He definitely outsmarted, pranked, and lied to Dwight more than the other way around. However, when Dwight saw an opportunity to lie to Jim, he took it so long as it put him on top.

Outlandish Lies Jim Told Dwight

His Magical Beans

Dunder Mifflin decided to have a yard sale at the warehouse as a way to get rid of some stuff that coworkers may be interested in purchasing. It was fun for viewers to see what each character was trying to get rid of — and then there was Jim. Jim knew this was the perfect opportunity to lie to Dwight about some magical legumes.

Dwight wasn’t interested in the legumes at first but as soon as Jim said that they were magical, Dwight kept his eye on them. At the end of the day, Dwight traded his telescope for Jim’s magical legumes. This lie took a bit of effort because Jim bought adult plants to cover up for Dwight’s fresh soil…

The Wrong Day Of The Week

In one episode, Jim realized that Dwight thought it was Friday when it was Thursday. Jim could have easily corrected Dwight but he instead pushed the notion further that it was Friday. This meant that when Friday did come around the following day, Dwight would fail to show up or arrive late to work when he finally realized it. Jim even got Pam in on the joke!

Sadly for Dwight, he didn’t pick up on Jim’s lies until the following day (Friday). He showed up late because he slept in, thinking it was Saturday. As funny as Jim thought he was, he looked more like a jerk for his lies than anything else.

The Jury Duty Scandal

When Jim and Pam reached their second child in their relationship timeline they had a harder time balancing work and family. Jim felt like he had to work more, Pam missed working with adults — it took some adjusting. So when Jim got called in for jury duty, he ended his day early and went home to help Pam with the kids.

The only problem is that Jim lied to Dwight and Andy and told them that he had jury duty for most of the week; meaning he got to stay home with his wife and kids while being paid. Dwight caught on that Jim was lying to him and did everything he could to rat him out. And even when Dwight did find out the truth, Jim didn’t have many consequences.

Majoring In Public Speaking

When Dwight won the Salesman of the Year Award, he was nervous about speaking publicly in front of strangers. Instead of giving Dwight helpful advice, he told him that his college degree was in public speaking and that the best thing Dwight could do is bang his fists “many times” and wave his arms around like a mad man. This of course was a lie, but Dwight took him seriously.

Oddly enough, when Dwight took Jim’s advice, it worked. The audience loved it and cheered for him in response. Jim was the real villain in this case but it paid off for Dwight.

The Real Ben Franklin

Before Phyllis walked down the aisle to Bob Vance, Michael threw the couple a bachelor and bachelorette party at the Dunder Mifflin offices. Michael asked Jim to get the women a stripper, but instead, he hired a Benjamin Franklin impersonator to entertain the women.

Fans loved how invested Phyllis was in this impersonator and appreciated the effort. However, the real kicker was at the end of the episode. Dwight was seen questioning Mr. Franklin about his time period. After Mr. Franklin answered every question correctly, Dwight told the cameras, “I don’t care what Jim says, that is not the real Ben Franklin.” This proves that Jim’s lie was so convincing that Dwight believed that Ben Franklin was back from the dead.

The List Of Complaints

When Michael worked on conflict resolution with the office, Dwight found out that all of his complaints against Jim were never sent to corporate like he was told. Instead, they sat at Toby’s desk or in the warehouse.

Michael read a few of Dwight’s complaints, which were clearly pranks by Jim, but Jim lied about them all. From everyone calling Dwight “Dwayne” for a day to framing Dwight for murder, Jim continued to lie to make Dwight look crazy in Michael’s eyes.

Iris Black

In the later seasons of The Office, a person from the Iris Black radio show asked Pam if someone from the Scranton branch wanted to do an interview on local business issues. Dwight agreed to do the interview but it was canceled shortly after. Instead of telling Dwight the interview was canceled, Jim, Pam, and Nellie decided to lie to Dwight.

They all pretended they were different people on the other end of the phone while Dwight praised Dunder Mifflin and his character. The fake call put Dwight in a tizzy, and instead of coming clean about their lies, Jim let Dwight think what he wanted. It was one of Pam and Jim’s better episodes as a fun couple but it was hard not to feel bad for Dwight.

Outlandish Lies Dwight Told Jim

The Fake Sales Call

As sly as Dwight thinks he is, it’s hard for him to get one over on Jim. Jim is always one step ahead of Dwight, much to Dwight’s chagrin. In one episode, however, Dwight and Michael’s lie was strong enough to get Jim out of Dunder Mifflin and into the car for a “sales call.”

As it turned out, there was no sales call. Michael and Dwight wanted to pull a prank on Karen at the Utica branch and needed Jim to get the job done. Lying to Jim was their only option. Karen was never supposed to see the three men, and once Karen saw Jim, it made perfect sense that he was with Pam instead.

The Employee Of The Month

When Jim took over as the interim regional manager, he wanted to implement an employee of the month award as a way to promote excitement in the office. Dwight told the cameras that he had an entire scheme created so that Jim’s behavior during the employee of the month competition would get him fired.

Dwight ended up lying about Jim to the entire office and rigged the results so that Jim would win. That way it would look like Jim chose himself as the employee of the month. The entire ordeal got Jim into trouble but Dwight never came forward about his lies.

He Dressed As Pam To Get Back At Him

Whether a fan calls this one a lie or a prank is up to them. Either way, Dwight dressed up as Pam as a way to trick Jim and throw snowballs at him from a close range. Dwight couldn’t get enough of scaring Jim and plowing snowballs at him. Even when Jim told him to stop, Dwight laughed it off.

He told cameras that he had multiple wigs for the office in case the situation ever arose, he just failed to tell Jim about it.

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