The Perfect Gift for ‘Yellowstone’ Fans? This Candle That ‘Smells Like Rip Wheeler’

Do you like candles, “Yellowstone,” and specifically Rip Wheeler? Ever wonder what Rip Wheeler smells like? There’s a question I never thought I’d ask myself. But, thanks to an online Etsy store, your whole house can smell like whatever Rip Wheeler smells like. Hopefully, it’s not just the smell of a horse at the end of the day.

You can find the candle on CommunityStanStore on Etsy, which has more than just a Rip Wheeler-scented item. There’s also a John Dutton and a Kayce Dutton candle as well. The candles are soy blended wax with a natural, undyed color. They’re about 9 ounces and burn for around 50 hours. The shop also makes custom candles, so if you want a Jaime candle, or maybe a Walker or a Jimmy candle, they can take those customizations into consideration and craft the perfect candle for your needs. It’s a great gift for any “Yellowstone” fan, whether it’s for a friend or just a little something for yourself.

But, you’re wondering, what does Rip Wheeler smell like? What smells could this shop possibly distill down to their purest forms that just scream “essence of Rip”? Well, there are four scents to choose from: Vanilla, Cinnamon Stick, Evergreen Tree, and Holly Berry. I suppose making a candle that smells like sweaty leather and horse wouldn’t sell too well, but you never know.

More Perfect Gifts for ‘Yellowstone’ Fans, Beyond the Rip Wheeler Candle

Besides the Rip Wheeler-scented candle, a great gift for any “Yellowstone” fan would be clothing from the show to match your favorite character. We’ve explored how to emulate John Dutton, and where to steal Beth’s look, but what about for the younger fans in your life who may not even be old enough to watch the show but you want to dress them up like Tate Dutton anyway because why not?

Well, we’ve got just the thing; a guide to Tate Dutton’s coolest looks. Two things are for sure when it comes to Tate’s clothing: he’s consistent, and he definitely takes after his dad. First we’ve got the official “Yellowstone” Dutton Ranch logo trucker hat from the “Yellowstone” online shop. Tate probably wears this hat to showcase his legacy, but also mostly because it’s just really cool.

Next there’s the Jacketars Tate Dutton jacket, a canvas, zip-up workwear look with a brown corduroy collar. Perfect for helping out on the farm, or just a family trip to the feed store.

Recently, Tate Dutton actor Brecken Merrill even sported an official Outsider Shop Shirt in navy, custom embroidered with his name on a patch. The Outsider Shop Shirt comes custom stitched for everyone who orders, and they look awesome with both jeans and shorts. Or, take a page out of my book: I wear my Shop Shirt in black with a long floral skirt. The perfect cowgirl look, except now everyone think I do manual labor.

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