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The Sopranos: 10 Greatest Betrayals, Ranked

In the world of organized crime, betrayals are the name of the game; and Tony Soprano, his crew, and his enemies were all guilty of it at some point.

The iconic series The Sopranos still stands the test of time. The groundbreaking show revolved around New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano as he struggled to find balance with his home life and ruled over a criminal empire. Of course, the series featured betrayal after betrayal, as the world of crime often does.

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Indeed, Tony couldn’t trust a single person, and nobody could trust Tony either. Each character was ready and willing to double-cross the others. However, betraying someone in this world could mean physical harm or worse. Loyalty and trust are the two most essential qualities in the world of The Sopranos. Breaking that oath could have dire consequences.

Tony Burns Down Arite’s Restaurant

Artie confronts Tony after he burned down Vesuvio

Tony Soprano and Artie Bucco were childhood friends. Of course, they both grew up to be two very different people. For instance, Tony runs the DiMeo crime family, and Arite owns Vesuvio Restaurant. Artie loves that restaurant more than anything in the world.

In the pilot, Tony burns down Artie’s restaurant to prevent Uncle Junior from committing a crime at Vesuvio. Later, Artie feels incredibly betrayed when he finds out the truth. In season four, Tony tries to take advantage of Artie, and they have a temporary falling out.

Carlo Gervasi Flips On Tony

Carlo Givasi In The Sopranos Angry

Tony often feared that a member of his crew would turn on him. As it turns out, several of Tony’s closest allies betrayed him. However, the most consequential might be Carlo Gervasi.

Carlo was a capo and top earner for Tony. In the series finale “Made In America,” Tony discovers that Carlo became an informant and posed the greatest threat to Tony going to prison. Of course, Carlo made that decision to protect his son from going to jail as well. In the end, Carlo flipping on Tony was just the beginning of his problems.

Tony & Uncle Junior

Uncle Junior Staring At The Camera The Sopranos

Tony and Uncle Junior had a complicated relationship. At times, they were close, and other times, they were betraying one another. In many ways, Junior was a father figure for Tony. However, Junior resented Tony’s rise to power.

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Junior thought he was the boss but soon discovered that Tony was running things. Therefore, Junior placed a hit on Tony’s life, which failed. Despite the betrayal, Tony allowed Junior to remain the figurehead boss. Junior went to jail and took the heat for the family.

Ray Curto, The Secret Informant

Ray Curto In The Car

For Tony Soprano, there is no betrayal worse than working as an informant for the F.B.I. Of course, for the F.B.I., there’s nothing worse than working for Tony. Many characters betrayed Tony, but there was one he never knew.

Ray Curto held a high-ranking position in Tony’s organization but was an informant for the Feds most of the series. Indeed, he shared a great deal of information regarding Tony but suffered a massive heart attack before he could testify. Tony never finds out about Ray’s ultimate betrayal.

Jimmy Petrille Betrays Johnny Sack

Johnny sack learns that his consigliere Jimmy Petrille betrayed him

John Sacrimoni, aka Johnny Sack, was the powerful head of the Lupertazzi crime family in New York. He ruled with fear and an iron fist. John often thought three steps ahead of his enemies. However, there was one betrayal that caused his empire to crumble.

Jimmy Petrille and Johnny were close friends. Indeed, Johnny even made Jimmy his consigliere. Despite being close like brothers, Jimmy turned on Johnny and helped the F.B.I. prosecute him. Johnny spent the rest of his years behind bars. Jimmy’s betrayal sent shockwaves through the criminal underworld.

Sal Bonpensiero Became An F.B.I. Informant

 Sal Bonpensiero

In the world of The Sopranos, it can be tough to tell the good from the bad. Sal Bonpensiero took an oath never to betray his crew or boss. Of course, he also promised never to turn on his friends. Indeed, Tony, Sal, Silvio Dante, and Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri were close friends. Sal’s outlook changed when faced with years in prison.

He becomes an informant for the F.B.I. and collects information to use against Tony. However, Tony discovers Sal’s intentions and feels incredibly betrayed. Tony could never forgive anyone that worked for the F.B.I.

Christopher & Adriana

Christopher And Adriana Sitting On The Couch Together

Christoper Moltisanti and Adriana La Cerva were madly in love with each other. Indeed, they seemed like the only couple to care for the other. Of course, the relationship wasn’t always perfect, and they had their fair share of problems. However, Adriana began working for the F.B.I. as an informant.

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The secret nearly destroyed Adriana until she finally told Chris. He had to choose between loyalty to Tony or loving Adriana. In the end, he decided to betray the love of his life. He went to Tony and confessed everything Adriana told him. Chris’s betrayal meant the end for Adriana.

Tony & Carmella

Tony And Carmella Soprano At A Party

Throughout the series, Tony was worried that someone in his family or crew would flip on him. Indeed, he was always stressed that somebody would break the sacred oath. However, Tony was breaking a promise himself. Tony was often unfaithful towards his wife, Carmella, having had several girlfriends throughout the series.

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Carmella was a decent woman that craved his attention. Of course, his attention was always someplace else. They had an epic argument in the season four finale. Eventually, Carmella leaves Tony, but they get back together. Still, Tony never has his heart completely in the marriage.

Tony Betrays Christopher

Tony Soprano and his crew meet members of the Lupertazzi Crime Family

Christopher looked up to Tony Soprano. He always dreamt of joining the Soprano crew and would do anything for Tony. Indeed, Christopher even betrayed the love of his life, Adriana, for Tony. However, Tony didn’t feel the same way about Christopher.

Tony began to worry that Christopher and his addiction would be the end of him. Tony then took Christopher’s life after they were involved in a car accident – Chris’s loyalty to Tony means nothing to him.

Livia Betrays Her Son Tony

Livia And Tony Sopranos In The Living Home

There’s a long list of people that Tony Soprano had no problem betraying. However, there was one person that he didn’t expect to betray him; his mother. Tony had a complex relationship with his mother, Livia Soprano. Eventually, Tony put Livia in a retirement community to help make her life better.

Of course, Livia didn’t feel the same way and felt betrayed. Eventually, she teamed up with Uncle Junior and placed a hit on Tony’s life. Tony was devastated and felt betrayed to learn the truth about his mother.

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