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The Sopranos: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

Among the hundreds of memes doing rounds on the internet, a few do a better job of summing up The Sopranos as a series.

It’s been 15 years since The Sopranos came to an end, but the show remains a favorite for many. Even fictional characters seem to enjoy it and one of those is Doctor Strange’s buddy, Wong. In an interesting twist, the MCU sorcerer gets interrupted by a surprise visitor as he is watching the opening credits of the critically-acclaimed HBO series in Episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

The pop culture reference is a golden one, but fans don’t have to wait for such moments to have a laugh or experience feelings of nostalgia. Thanks to hundreds of memes on the internet, some of the best moments of the show can be experienced again and again.

Carmela And Furio’s Dance

In this meme, Carmela and Furio’s faces are photo-shopped onto those of Mia Wallace, the wife of a crime boss, and Vincent Vega, an enforcer, from Pulp Fiction. Both pairs not only have a crush on each other but also dance together at some point.

The Sopranos is full of relationship drama and most of it is centered around infidelity. Like Mia Wallace, Carmela doesn’t hesitate to flirt with her husband’s right-hand man as a form of retaliation after being cheated on a couple of times. The similarity between Carmela and Furio’s dance scene and that of Mia and Wallace at Jack Rabbit Slim’s 50s-themed restaurant also points to the tendency of the HBO show to draw inspiration from some of the best gangster movies. Another great example is AJ Soprano seeking revenge for the shooting of his father, the same way Michael Corleone does in The Godfather.

Comedy Central Roast Of Christopher

Christopher is the recipient of some of the shadiest burns on the show and one meme-maker has figured his fellow mobsters should just go ahead and do a Comedy Central-type of roast for him. A time and date are suggested too.

Christopher being the target for insults has to do with the fact that he is not only the youngest member of the DiMeo crime family but also the least experienced since becoming a “made man” in Season 3. If the characters were real, “The Roast of Christopher Moltisanti” would be interesting to watch. But if the intervention scene is anything to go by, there’s a high likelihood that he won’t take it so well.

High School Sweethearts

The edited photos of Carmela and Tony show them as younger versions of themselves back in high school. And according to Park Ridge High School’s analysis of the two teenagers, they are the ones most likely to marry.

Carmela and Tony might have their ups and downs, but they are undoubtedly one of the best couples in The Sopranos. They are described as high school sweethearts on the show, which makes the meme an accurate one. Despite Tony dropping out of school, failing to pursue a career in football, and joining the mob, Carmela sticks by him, proving that the pillars holding their love are robust, even if she puts up with too much.

The Greatest

There’s a consensus about The Sopranos being one of the greatest TV shows of all time and this meme reminds everyone about that fact. In an image of Muhammad Ali gloating after knocking out Sonny Liston, The Sopranos is Ali, whereas the unfortunate Liston is every other show.

That the HBO series is superior to every other TV offering is something that might be disputed by fans of Walter White or Michael Scott, but there’s no denying that it’s better than most productions. Just as Ali has a near-perfect record, the mob series doesn’t have an episode with a rating lower than 8.0 on IMDb. On Rotten Tomatoes, no season scores below 80%, which is indeed TV greatness.

The Big Separation

Carmela decides to leave after finding out about Tony Soprano’s long list of mistresses. And the meme above sums up the situation via a storybook-like cover.

Marriage is a big part of the show and so does all the mayhem that comes with him. The title is a perfect way to describe the situation since Tony is forced to get another house after the separation, something his kids don’t take so well. There is an angry Baby AJ in the meme, which is accurate since he’s the one who is the most pissed off, such that he even insists on going to live with his father.

Seinfeld & Constanza Are In Awe

Tony Soprano has a simple answer when Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza ask him what he did during the day: nothing much, he just got himself a gun.

The meme is a reference to the show’s theme song, “Woke Up This Morning” by Vinnie Pauleone and The Ba Da Bing Orchestra. Most importantly, the meme sums up what mostly happens on an episode-to-episode basis: someone grabs a gun and someone gets killed. After all, it’s a tale about the New Jersey mafia and in the world of the mob, killing is as normal as yawning.

Waste Management Consultant

Tony claims to be a Waste Management Consultant on the show, yet his family lives in an expensive mansion in North Caldwell, New Jersey. And one meme points out how absurd this is.

As well-written as The Sopranos is, the show has its flaws, and one of them involves no one questioning how Tony can afford the house. Even the federal authorities never press him about it. Moreover, Tony drives one of the most expensive cars in The Sopranos. It all seems odd because most crime movies and TV shows emphasize the importance of being modest in order to avoid drawing the attention of the authorities and Tony Soprano does the exact opposite.

A “Nose Like A Canopy”

Throughout the series, Christopher expresses a desire of getting into Hollywood. So, what would it be like if he auditioned for Spider-Man?

The meme is inspired by one of Richie Aprille’s best but most insensitive quotes where he jokes that Christopher has a “nose like a canopy.” But what the meme does best is poke fun of what a disaster Christopher’s Hollywood ambition is. Nothing he does quite works and even though he manages to make the movie, Cleaver, it puts him on a collision course with the Don because he is made to believe it portrayed him in a bad light.

The Unpredictable Ralph

Another meme compares the Capo, Ralph, to Batman villain, Two-Face. One is never quite sure what Two-Face is going to do since he relies on a coin toss to make a decision. As for Ralph, he simply shocks people by doing something outrageous all of a sudden.

Ralph constantly switches between being a charming person and a psychopath. One minute he is making the funniest of jokes, the next he is murdering someone. The unpredictability aside, the meme also serves as a reminder that there are two sides to him. On a good day, Ralph is the highest earning Capo and the most reliable member of the crew but on a bad one, he is a huge liability, pissing off his boss and creating unnecessary conflicts with other crime families through inappropriate remarks.

The Ending

The Sopranos has one of the most polarizing endings. To date, most fans are still not sure what happened after the fade-to-black moments, hence the eagerness to discuss it with someone else.

Did Tony get whacked? Who was the man wearing the Member’s Only jacket? The numerous questions have kept the discussions about the ending alive, several years after the finale aired. And there’s nothing better than hearing someone who just finished the show give their own perspective.

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