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The Sopranos: 10 Storylines The Show Dropped

From Valery the Russian to the show's original ending, here are 10 storylines that The Sopranos dropped.

The Sopranos will go down in history as one of the most incredible TV shows of all time.  The iconic series is known for its excellent writing, outstanding cast, and phenomenal directing. It won several major awards and remains hugely popular. The groundbreaking series featured classic storylines and shocking moments that helped change television.

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However, the series did have a few storylines that seemed to go nowhere. Indeed, the series dropped a few storylines over the years for a combination of reasons. At times, the show abruptly changed direction without explanation. Also, they dropped specific plots due to circumstances out of their control. Of course, they also scrapped storylines by design.

The Disappearing The Russian

Christopher shruggin withan envelope in his hands in The Sopranos

The season 3 episode, “Pine Barrens,” is one of the most popular in its history. However, it also features one of the most famous unresolved storylines as well. In the episode, Christopher Moltisanti and Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri have an altercation with a Russian mobster, Valery. They take the body to the pine barrens to dispose of it only to discover he’s alive and well. Valery escapes and disappears into the woods. Paulie and Christopher end up lost in the woods all night. The series never explained where Valery went or his fate. Christopher and Paulie talk about the night again, but there’s no mention of Valery. Valery’s fate remains a mystery, although series creator David Chase did that on purpose. He never intended to explain Valery’s whereabouts.

Meadow And Finn’s Sudden Break Up

Meadow Soprano sits with her boyfriend Finn

During season 5, Meadow Soprano starts dating Finn DeTrolio. They’re like any typical relationship that has ups and downs. However, they appear to be a loving couple that cares for each other. After a nasty fight, Finn proposes to Meadow out of the blue. She accepts, and they quickly start making plans for the future. Finn appears in the first half of season 6 but has a minor role. They rarely talk about the wedding or engagement. Suddenly, Finn’s character exits the series without any explanation. Meadow is single all of a sudden and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Adriana Tried To Produce An Album For Her Ex

Adriana and Christopher sitting together in The Sopranos

Adriana La Cerva dreamed of being more than a hostess and gangster’s girlfriend. She had a great deal of ambition and desire to make something of herself. In season 1, she briefly attempts a career in the music industry. In the episode “A Hit Is A Hit”, Adriana decides she wants to become a music producer after meeting hip-hop mogul Massive Genius. She attempts to produce an album for an ex-boyfriend, but it all falls apart. Adriana never mentions being a music producer again in the series. In season 3, Christopher puts her in charge of a nightclub, which she names Crazy Horse.

The F.B.I. Gives Up

The FBI agents sitting together at a table during a meeting in The Sopranos

Early in the series, the F.B.I. made Tony Soprano and his family their primary focus. Agent Dwight Harris and the other officers spent countless hours trying to build a case against Tony. In the episode, “Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood,” the Feds sneak into the Soprano home and plant a listening device in a lamp in the basement.

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The first half of Season 3 focuses on the F.B.I. listening in on Tony’s private conversations. Suddenly, Meadow takes the light with her back to her dorm, inadvertently thwarting the Feds. The F.B.I. drop their entire plan and forget about the lamp. The F.B.I. makes no more attempts to plant a listening device or retrieve the light. Eventually, Agent Harris moves on to working in the terrorism division.

Meadow’s Roommate

Caitlin Rucker sitting on her bed and smiling in The Sopranos

During season 3, Meadow moves away from home to attend Columbia University. A good portion of the season focused on Meadow’s time at school and her roommate Caitlin Rucker. Caitlin quickly becomes homesick and struggled with her mental health. Meadow tried to help, although it interfered with her relationship with Noah. Eventually, Caitlin seeks help and makes one more brief appearance. Her character completely disappears from the series and is never mentioned again. Later, Meadow mentions a roommate with mental health problems, but it’s a different roommate.

Furio’s Fate

Furio at the Soprano dinner table looking up lovingly at Carmella in The Sopranos

In the episode “Commendatori”, Tony visits Italy for some business and meets Furio Giunta. Tony’s so impressed by Furio’s loyalty and viciousness that he brings him back to New Jersey. Furio quickly becomes Tony’s bodyguard and driver. Tony’s unaware that Furio and his wife Carmella Soprano develop intense feelings for each other.

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Suddenly, Furio flees back to Italy before anything can happen. Furio’s character disappears from the series without a conclusion to his story. Tony has people looking for Furio to gain revenge for having feelings for his wife. Regardless, Furio never appears in the show again.

Silvio Becomes Political

Silvio's wife Gabriella encourages him to become boss in The Sopranos.

Silvio Dante acted as Tony’s consigliere and right-hand man. Silvio was often the voice of reason and Tony’s most trusted confidante. He kept his cool but could be ruthless and violent. He was also very briefly into politics. In the episode “Christopher”, Silvio became furious with protests to the Columbus Day parade. Silvio spent a great deal of time trying to stop this from happening. In the end, Tony yells at Silvio to drop his issues. Indeed, Silvio never mentions his anger towards the protests or any other political issues again. The episode is one of the most unpopular in the series history.

Dr. Melfi’s Attack

Tony embracing Dr. Melfi in her office in The Sopranos

Psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi was good at her job and cared about her patients. Tony couldn’t survive without seeing her regularly. In the episode “Employee Of The Month,” Melfi is brutally assaulted in the parking garage one night after work. However, the police have to let the suspect go due to a technical error. Melfi considers telling Tony to get revenge but ultimately decides against it. However, Melfi continues to struggle with the incident and discusses it in therapy. Eventually, the storyline is dropped and not mentioned again.

Livia Star Witness Against Tony

Livia Soprano looking out of a car window in The Sopranos

It’s no secret that Tony had a complicated relationship with his mother, Livia Soprano. They had problems for years after Tony put her in a nursing home and Livia tried to kill him. Season 2 ended with the F.B.I. arresting Tony after he gave two stolen airline tickets to his mother.

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The original plan for season 3 revolved around Livia testifying against Tony. Livia testifying would have played a significant part of the season for several episodes. However, actress Nancy Marchand passed away before filming could take place. The entire season had to be revamped, with the storyline scrapped. Instead, a CGI version of Livia appears briefly before passing away later.

Original Ending Changed

The Soprano family sitting at the diner in the final scene of The Sopranos

The series finale is one of the most memorable of all time. The final scene features Tony with A.J. and Carmella at Holsten’s Restaurant. Tony looks up at the door as Meadow enters, and the scene suddenly cuts to black. Tony’s ultimate fate has been debated back and forth for years. David Chase recently revealed his original ending, which might answer Tony’s fate. The original finale would feature Tony heading to New York for a meeting. He’d drive through the tunnel with the indication that he’d be killed and not return home. However, Chase came up with the finale during a hiatus and changed course slightly.

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