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The Sopranos Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Win In Squid Game

The Sopranos has a couple of characters that would stand a good chance of making it to the final stages in Squid Game but who would emerge the victor?

The characters in The Sopranos are very much accustomed to violence and gore hence the events in Squid Game wouldn’t unnerve them as much as they would an ordinary person. Only the fittest get to survive in organized crime hence the mobsters and their associates are wired to be competitive. They’ll thus work extra hard to take the $45.6 billion ($38 million).

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The lack of cash is the reason most of the characters in the Netflix K-drama participate in the games and the same will be the case with each of the key faces in the iconic HBO series. Some will fair much better given their habits, superior traits, and general intelligence while others will either be gunned down or fall off glass bridges.

A.J. Soprano

AJ Soprano in the Sopranos, outside yelling

A.J. is always in need of money but his parents never give it to him because they consider him irresponsible. Pissed off after Tony tells him to get a job, A.J. will gladly take the card and make the call to join the games.

The youngest Soprano child is constantly portrayed as the stereotypical underachiever. Whether it’s academics or work, there is nothing he is good at. He also tends to panic a lot hence he’ll likely be banging doors and demanding to go home after witnessing the “Red Light/Green Light” killings. If he miraculously passes the first stage, he won’t be composed enough to cut out the shapes from candy during the Ppopgi game.

Artie Bucco

Artie goes to collect his money from Jean-Philippe In The Sopranos

The restaurateur will be in desperate need of money right after American Express bans the Vesuvio for fraud and new competition emerges in the form of the Da Giovanni’s restaurant. When offered the chance to make millions, he’ll take it.

Artie has been shown to be one of the worst fighters in The Sopranos, the perfect example of this being when Jean-Phillipe brutalizes him for demanding his $50,000 back. He’ll struggle a lot during the blackout “open season” brawls and he might just end up a victim. And as someone used to world-class delicacies, the soda and egg servings in the mega dormitory will disgust and demoralize him, making him unable to put his best foot forward.

Meadow Soprano

Meadow finds AJ watching porn in The Sopranos

Unlike her brother, Meadow is responsible and hardworking. She does well in school and seeks the best out of life. She’s highly curious too, evident from how she directly asks her father whether he is a mobster. Her curiosity is what will make her go to the island.

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Meadow won’t win because she probably won’t return after all the contestants are invited back after the termination. She has a high sense of morality and having witnessed the field massacre courtesy of the giant doll, she’ll quickly conclude that the island is no place for her. She might not tell anyone about it since she’s good at keeping secrets but she’ll be glad to slip back to normal life.

Corrado “Junior” Soprano

Bobby Bacala informs Junior about Bobby Sr's death in The Sopranos

Among Junior’s best quotes in The Sopranos is the admission that “the feds are so far up my a**.” This affects his earning ability. His accumulating medical bills also make matters even worse and for these reasons, he’ll be willing to wear green and play for money.

Like Il-nam, Junior’s health struggles will highly inconvenience him during physical tasks such as the “Tug of War” and the night fights. And unlike Il-nam, he isn’t well-liked. He has a reputation for “eating alone,” hence his greed will make others be unwilling to help him. And since he’s fearless, he’ll be more willing to risk his life than protect himself, leading to an early elimination.

Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher smokes a cigarette outside Satriale's pork store

Christopher’s pockets face an economic crisis when Paulie takes more money from him than he should. Since Adriana still wants her expensive stilettos and dinner dates, the games would be something for Christopher to consider.

The young mafioso makes so many mistakes during his time on the show that his catchphrase becomes “I’m sorry, T.” Regrettably for him, there is no room for mistakes on the island. The only thing that might enable him to make little progress is his endurance. He bounces back easily. A case in point is when he fully recovers after taking several bullets from Matt and Sean.

Carmela Soprano

Carmela gives AJ a dressing down in The Sopranos

Needing money for her spec house, Carmela will seriously consider participating in the game. It’ll be better than taking the $600,000 from Tony on condition that she reunites with him.

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Countless tasty cakes and snacks have come out of Carmela’s kitchen. Her baking prowess means that even if she picks an umbrella, she won’t have any trouble cutting shapes during the highly challenging ppopgi game. She is very capable of protecting herself too as seen on the night where she storms outside with a rifle after hearing a noise while Father Phil cowers behind her. For her, the journey will likely end during the glass bridge stage.

Silvio Dante

Silvio in the back room of the Bada Bing as he reads a book about cleaning in The Sopranos

Apart from having a great sense of style, it takes money to look good. As one of the best-dressed characters in The Sopranos, Silvio will need more money to continue keeping his wardrobe packed.

Silvio was chosen to be the Consigliere of the DiMeo Crime Family because of his high IQ. His Einstein-like brainpower will benefit him greatly during the games. As the COO of the Bada-Bing, he has seen more glass than any other person hence he’ll have a better chance of striding through the penultimate stage where players have to differentiate normal glass from tempered glass.

Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri

Paulie tells Johnny Sack about Ralph's nsensitive joke in The Sopranos

Midway through the HBO series, Paulie becomes a disgruntled Capo. It all has to do with his decreased earnings and if the recruiter approaches him at this stage of his life, he’ll take the opportunity.

Sitting top among the Sopranos characters with the highest kill count, Paulie is basically a terminator. When a census is conducted after the first brawl, the population will be much lawyer thanks to him. And as someone who enjoys gambling, he’ll fair quite well during the Marbles game. Paulie also has a very good record of keeping himself unharmed since he never gets shot or injured in any way on the show. He’ll therefore take all the precautions needed to make it to the final stages.

Janice Soprano

Carmela and Janice chat about goomahs in The Sopranos

Janice is so cash-strapped that she asks her own brother for $3000 in order to give him information. She loves herself a challenge too and when she hears about millions of dollars to be won, she’ll be early on the streets, waiting for the van to take her to the island.

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Janice is the ultimate manipulator. She literally manipulates the widower Bobby into marrying her by sending his children scary anonymous messages then coming to comfort him. Inside the island base, she’d be expected to manipulate a guard, who in turn will be helping her know about the games in advance, just as the doctor Byeong-gi did. Janice also fights so well that she once finds ends up on the news for knocking out an aggressive soccer mom. Since the very last stage is more of gladiatorial combat, she’ll be in a very good position to emerge the victor

Tony Soprano

Tony shoots DiMeo Crime Family street soldier Chucky on his boat

After murdering Ralph, who was his highest-earning Capo, Tony will be hit with the reality of declining revenue. He’ll thus do whatever he can to make sure the DiMeo Crime Family doesn’t go under, even if it means participating in the games.

Tony knows that with the $38 million prize money, he will move into Al Capone levels of influence hence he’ll be very motivated to win. As someone who once fought off two assassins by himself, Tony will have the toughness needed to survive. Despite always having a target on his back, he goes the entire series without getting killed and all bets will be on him to replicate this feat during the games.

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