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The Sopranos: The 5 Best Couples On The Show (& The 5 Worst)

The Sopranos may have had plenty of couples throughout its run, but only some of them made fans happy, while others were just the worst.

Away from the bloody mob hits and illegal business dealings, HBO hit series The Sopranos was a semi soap opera with plenty of major and minor love stories. Everyone was seeing someone. Others (like Tony) were even seeing several people. And Cupid did indeed influence many of the decisions made by the characters.

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As expected, most of the relationships were packed with drama. Rarely was there the happily-ever-after storybook scenario. Some couples were mature enough to overcome their issues while some were overwhelmed by them. The following are couples that made audiences believe in love and those that made love seem pointless.

Best: Karen And Bobby Baccalieri Jr.

Bobby in The Sopranos

Bobby was very loyal to Karen. He was the only member of the DiMeo crime family to not have a comare (mistress). Bobby and Karen were never seen fighting either. All they cared about was bringing up their two children in the best way possible.

When Karen died in a road accident, Bobby kept her last baked ziti in the freezer for months following her untimely death as he wanted to remember her cooking skills. It was not until he started dating Janice that he decided to eat the ziti. Even in his new relationship, he never forgot about Karen

Worst: Gloria Trillo And Tony Soprano

Tony and Gloria

When Tony first met Gloria at Dr. Melfi’s office, he thought they shared much in common. He was impressed to find out that she was more responsible and liberated than his other mistresses. She paid for her own vacations at exotic locations and had a decent job as a sales representative.

Tony soon experienced Gloria’s darker side. She became possessive and violent. She threw stakes at him and began digging into his home life. When Tony wanted to break up with her, she threatened to tell his wife and daughter about the affair. As a last resort, Tony sent one of his men to threaten her, forcing her to leave him alone. Sadly, she decided to commit suicide.

Best: Gabriella And Silvio Dante

Gabriella tells Silvio to prepare to become the new boss

Gabriella was very supportive of her husband Silvio and he loved her back equally. When Silvio was made acting boss while Tony was recovering from gunshot wounds, Gabriella was excited about her husband’s new role. She wanted the best for him and tried to prepare him for the possibility of taking over as the DiMeo family boss in case Tony didn’t make it.

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She was also a good friend of Tony’s wife Carmela Soprano as well as Aprile. Throughout the series run, there was never a serious threat to their relationship. This earns them a place among the best couples.

Worst: Adriana And Christopher

Adriana leaves the Bada Bing with Christopher

In the early stages of the series, Adriana and Christopher were very much in love. They would resolve their arguments quite quickly. Christopher was always proud of the fact that she was gorgeous. She always seemed to have his best interests at heart too. But things took a turns for the worst when the FBI forced her to rat on the organization.

Adriana tried to avoid giving the feds any incriminating evidence. She refrained from visiting the Soprano family house so that she wouldn’t “know too much.” She later confessed to Christopher what was happening but instead of protecting her, he beat her up and told Tony. As expected, the mobster ordered a hit on her. This proved that Christopher always loved the organization more than her.

Best: Meadow Soprano and Patrick

Meadow announces her engagement to Patsy's son Patrick in The Sopranos

Patrick appeared only in a few episodes of the series but Meadow had actually been seeing her since the very beginning. In the pilot episode, she sneaked out of the house to go see Patrick, though he was never seen. She went on to date Jackie Jr., but he broke her heart before his death. She eventually returned to Patrick.

In the series finale, Meadow announced that she was getting engaged to Patrick, proving that she always loved him. Even better was the fact that Patrick had helped her get a job at his law firm.

Worst: Janice And Richie Aprile

Janice argues with RIchie about his son's passion for dancing in The Sopranos

Janice and Richie’s relationship was doomed from the start. As soon as Richie was released from prison, Janice began pouring gasoline on the fire that was the strained relationship between him and Tony. Despite the fact that Richie and Tony’s disagreements could have been resolved amicably, she constantly made Richie believe that Tony was disrespecting him.

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This caused Richie to begin making plans to whack Tony. But before that could happen, his fights with Janice escalated to a point where Janice fatally shot him. This happened after he’d unleashed his barbarity by punching her in the face. Janice then called Tony to dispose of the body, lying that she found him dead.

Best: Ginny And Johnny Sack

Ginny And Johnny Sack attend their daughter's wedding

Ginny Sacramoni was the target of many jokes from members of the DiMeo crime family due to her weight. She was once a professional dancer but gained weight after having children. Despite her weight struggles, Johnny was very supportive. He even referred to her as “Rubenesque” (voluptuous and attractive like the painting of Rubens).

Johnny was always ready to defend her honor. He attacked a member of Ralph’s crew, who he mistakenly thought was making jokes about her. When Johnny was given six hours from prison to attend their daughter’s wedding, she was overjoyed. And when he died of cancer, she was at his side with their two daughters. True love indeed!

Worst: Bobbi And Junior Soprano

Junior and Bobbo in The Sopranos

Bobbi and Junior broke up because of the lamest of reasons—oral sex. The two had been seeing each other for 16 years. Junior often took her to Boca Raton, Florida where they’d get intimate. However, their relationship took an unrepeatable dent when she told people that Junior normally performed oral sex on her.

When Carmela told Tony about it, the mobster began taunting his uncle about it. Junior had previously warned Bobbi to never talk about that aspect of their intimacy, suggesting it would make him look weak. Angry, Junior fired her from her job, smushed a lemon pie in her face, and broke up with her. After a few years, he tried to reconcile with her, only to realize she had gotten married.

Best: Mary And Hugh DeAngelis

The Sopranos - Mary And Hugh DeAngelis

Carmela’s parents Mary and Hugh had been married for 40 years at the time they first appeared in the series. Staying together that long qualifies them as a good couple.

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Mary didn’t want Carmela to marry Tony at first but she came to accept the fact that her daughter loved him. Hugh, on the other hand, adored Tony and often sided with him during discussions. Despite their different views about Tony, they were united in their hate for his mother, Livia.

Worst: Carmela And Robert Wegler

Carmela cheats on Tony with Robert

Tony cheated on Carmela a lot. Their marriage seemed certain to end when one of Tony’s jilted mistresses told Carmela that Tony had not only slept with her but her cousin too. Carmela proceeded to banish Tony from the house. While she and Tony were separated, she began seeing A.J.’s guidance counselor Robert Wegler.

It turned out that Carmela was using Wegler as a tool to exact revenge on Tony. Wegler also stated that Carmela was using him in order to improve A.J.’s grades and better his chances of going to a good college. Luckily for Wegler, Tony never found out about the affair. He would most definitely have whacked him if he did.

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