THE THREE STOOGES In “Out West” – 1947

After a visit to the doctor, it’s recommended that Shemp go out west to relax, which should help with his condition. Shemp was born in March so I thought that this would be a good one for March Madness, here at The Dungeon!..

The doc tells the boys that Shemp has a big old vein in his leg (the biggest he’d ever seen!) and suggests that they go out west to alleviate his condition, which makes no sense. The doctor makes a drawing of the vein and gives it to Shemp.

The boys arrive in the old west, dressed out in their cowboy duds. They also discuss how to appear to be tough hombres.

Bad guy Doc Barker overhears the boys talking about Shemp’s big vein but thinks they’re talking about a gold mine. It’s the biggest you’ve ever seen!

Doc decides to get Shemp involved in a card game, and plans on winning over the drawing with the help from his pal on the left.

Shemp has taken his boot off because his foot itched. The guy thinks that he’s handing Doc an ace but puts it between Shemp’s toes…

Shemp grabs the card and it’s a ace! He pulls a deuce out of his hand and passes it along to Doc, who gives the evil eye to his pal.

In the meantime, Moe and Larry are mixing up some very special drinks for the guys at the card table, Shemp is supposed to get the glass of sarsaparilla.

Shemp doesn’t have enough money to cover the bet so he gives Doc the paper in exchange for a thousand dollars for betting.

Shemp ends up with all four aces from the card passing and beats Doc’s royal flush. So, Doc has to pay up.

The drinks show up, but, when Moe was bringing them over, he bumped into a cowboy and now doesn’t know which drink is Shemp’s.

Doc slugs down half a glass of the paint and paint remover laced drink and is fine until the effects hit him!

The boys get the jail keys away from Doc and Nell goes to the cell where Doc and his pals have The Arizona Kid (her true love) locked up. She tells him that he must ride and go get the cavalry, it’s the only way to save the day…

She has the piano guy pound a tune as she sings loudly to cover up the clanking and banging going on in the other room.

And what do you know?!.. The cavalry’s on the way!

The boys are surrounded, but of course a wacky chase ensues, until…

Their backs to the wall, Shemp grabs a stick of TNT and accidently lights it when he holds it above a lamp. Doc and his pals run like Hell out of the room. The boys think their bluff worked.

Doc and his guys hide behind the bar but Larry tosses it away exactly where they are.

The cavalry has arrived too late and the General’s angry for having been inconvenienced. So, there you go, and Shemp gets the last word…

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