The Top 10 Highest Grossing Bruce Willis Movies

Landing his first big break in the TV series Moonlighting – a romantic comedy about a couple of private detectives – it seemed unlikely that Bruce Willis would break into Hollywood and become one of the biggest action movie stars of all time, but that’s exactly what he did. Die Hard kicked off a long chain of Hollywood hits. Here are the 10 highest grossing Bruce Willis movies…

10) Die Hard 2: Die Harder 

Two years after Die Hard thrilled action movie fans all over the world, Bruce Willis was back as John McClane for a second installment. It’s Christmas Eve again, and McClane has come to pick up his wife from the airport. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah – it’s been taken over by bad guys, who have taken control of communications with all the planes, and are crashing them into the ground. It’s up to McClane to kick ass and restore order. 

Worldwide gross: $239,813,888

9) Glass 

The joint sequel to M Night Shyamalan’s 2000 superhero caper Unbreakable and his 2016 thriller Split, Glass saw villains Samuel L Jackson and James McAvoy team up to take on Bruce Willis’ superstrong David Dunn. Who is David Dunn? Well, scroll down to the next movie in the list!

Worldwide gross: $246,999,039

8) Unbreakable

M Night Shyamalan’s dark superhero movie Unbreakable, which dropped in 2000, saw Bruce Willis play David Dunn; a security guard who, after becoming the only survivor of a train crash, begins to realise that he has superhuman strength and never gets sick. Mr Glass – an art gallery owner and comic book mega fan – explains that he’s a hero and he’s been put there on Earth to protect people. 

Worldwide gross: $248,099,143

7) The Fifth Element

In this fun and colourful 1997 sci fi from Luc Besson, we saw Willis play Korben Dallas – a cab driver who unwittingly picks up one hell of a fare in Leeloo – the mysterious ‘fifth element’ who is key to destroying an evil force, who has broken out of a lab and is on the run from bad guys and the government. 

Worldwide gross: $263,898,761

6) A Good Day to Die Hard

The fifth (and arguably weakest) installment in the Die Hard series arrived in 2013, and saw John McClane fly to Russia to bring home his son Jack, who unbeknownst to him, has become an undercover CIA agent. Father and son team up to deliver some justice to an army of underworld criminals.  

Worldwide gross: $304,249,198

5) The Expendables 2

One of many famous faces to pop up in Stallone’s star-studded, blood-thirsty action sequel The Expendables 2, Bruce Willis played Mr Church – the guy who assembles the team and gives them their mission. 

Worldwide gross: $311,979,256

4) Die Hard: With a Vengeance

The third installment in the series, Die Hard: With A Vengeance sees John McClane fall under the control of a dangerous bomber who wants to play a game of ‘Simon Says.’ If McClane doesn’t do what Simon says, an enormous explosion will go off in a school. Willis teams up with streetwise shop owner Samuel J Jackson to take down the threat. 

Worldwide gross: $366,101,666

3) Live Free or Die Hard

Twelve years since Willis last played John McClane, we saw him return to the role of the hardened New York detective in 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard. A dangerous group of hackers has gotten into the infrastructure of the US government and is wreaking havoc. It’s up to McClane and the hacker he’s taken into custody to bring them down. 

Worldwide gross: $382,288,147

2) Armageddon 

Exploding onto cinema screens in 1998, Michael Bay’s action adventure Armageddon sees an asteroid hurtling towards Earth. Our only chance of survival? Sending a small band of deep-core drillers, led by Harry S. Stamper (played by Willis), to try to break up the mass. But can they achieve their mission in time? 

Worldwide gross: $554,600,000

1) The Sixth Sense 

Topping the list is a 1999 thriller from M. Night Shyamalan. The Sixth Sense, which is well known for its twist ending, which left movie goers across the globe with their jaws dropped wide, saw Bruce Willis play Dr Malcolm Crowe; a child psychologist treating a patient who claims to be able to see the dead. 

Worldwide gross: $672,806,292

There you have it – the ten highest grossing Bruce Willis movies! 

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