‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Remembers ‘Where It All Started’ on the Show

Suzanne Somers is sending her “Three’s Company” fans on a trip down memory lane.

She posted a photo of all her old cast members posing for a family-style photo. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Norman Fell, and Audra Lindley are all in the photo. This is back when the show still had Somers’ Chrissy Snow character as well as the Roper family.

She captioned the throwback picture, “Where it all started.”

Fans seem to agree that the original “Three’s Company” cast truly are unforgettable TV stars.

“The amount of joy that comes to mind when I see the original 5 of you together is magical. I remember as a kid watching this show and laughing out loud with my parents. I still do. It’s one of those shows I hold very dear to my heart. There was something magical between the 5 of you. Still one of my all time favorites. Thank you for the memories,” wrote one person on Instagram.

Someone else noted, “This was the best cast! Without you and the Ropers, it wasn’t the same.”

For reference, Somers ended up leaving the show in 1980. The “Three’s Company” executives let her go after she asked for a pay hike to make a more comparable amount of money to her fellow co-stars. After she left, Somers also lost her relationship with both DeWitt and Ritter. She didn’t speak to Ritter again until several decades later.

As for the Ropers, they left after getting their own short-lived spin-off series. They were replaced by a new landlord, Ralph Furley. He was played by Don Knotts, most known for his role in “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Despite many changes to cast members, “Three’s Company” managed to stay relevant during its entire run on TV.

Suzanne Somers Final Conversation with John Ritter

After her negative final days with “Three’s Company,” it took many years for Somers to be on speaking terms with her other co-stars again. These relationships suffered for decades, but would eventually slowly mend.

When she left the show, Somers found herself on a show called “Step by Step.” Meanwhile, Ritter starred in “8 Simple Rules” after “Three’s Company” was canceled in 1984.

In 2003, Somers got a random phone call from her former co-star. It was the same year he would end up dying from an aortic dissection after feeling sick on the set of his sitcom.

“I’m at the beauty salon. Haven’t talked to him for 20 years and the receptionist comes over to me and says you have a phone call … and she says, ‘It’s John Ritter,’ He said, ‘Hey babe’ … And then he said, ‘I forgive you,’ which took a lot of maturity on my part not to say, ‘You forgive me?’ So, I say, ‘Thanks,’” Somers told Entertainment Tonight.

The “Three’s Company” stars talked about potentially working together, but he died a month later.

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