The Sopranos

Tony Soprano’s boat is up for sale

The Stugots, which was featured in The Sopranos, will set you back $300,000.

If you have a spare $300,000 knocking about and have been thinking about taking to the high seas, why not do it in Tony Soprano’s boat? As People reports, the iconic seafaring vessel that was featured on The Sopranos and known as The Stugots, is currently available to purchase, with the seller asking for $299,900.

The 47-foot Cape Fear boat is being sold by United Yacht Sales, and according to the broker for the boat, Paul Ouimette, the current owner actually changed the name for the vessel from The Stugots to Never Enough, so that the boat didn’t draw too much attention.

It’s said that the boat has already received a lot of attention from prospective buyers, and as for a final sale, no date has seemingly been set on this just yet.

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