Welcome to Demon School!: 5 Kanto Pokemon Clara Would Want (& 5 She’d Pass Up)

Valac Clara would love to visit the Kanto region and befriend all kinds of colorful Pokémon during her time there.

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! is a zany and carefree isekai adventure set in the Netherworld, the realm of demons and monsters. Protagonist Iruma Suzuki soon meets and befriends some of his classmates at the Babyls school in the Netherworld, and that includes Valac Clara, an excitable girl who finds the fun in absolutely everything.

Clara isn’t too impressive as a fighter, and she is rarely seen studying, but Clara is a kind-hearted person who just wants to make friends and enjoy her life. She would also love to have an isekai adventure of her own and visit other anime worlds, and this time, she will visit the Kanto region in the Pokémon universe. She would love these magical creatures and befriend them and run free with them. But there are also a few Pokémon that even Clara wouldn’t want.

10Clara Would Want: Wigglytuff Is So Cuddly

Most anime characters who get isekai’d to the Kanto region would look for Pokémon to catch for their combat team, but Valac Clara has a different mission: to find Pokémon to befriend and play with. She would have little interest in battling other trainers or trying to earn gym badges.

Clara would start with Wigglytuff, the evolution of the notorious Jigglypuff. This pink Pokémon is cute and squishy, making it a living body pillow that will love its owner right back. Clara would hug it all day long.

9Clara Wouldn’t Want: Kabutops Is Terrifying

Some Pokémon are actually living fossils, and modern technology allows some trainers to revive extinct Pokémon species for a new era of Pokémon combat. One such fossil Pokémon is Kabutops, the final evolution of Kabuto in the Kanto region. It’s a scary beast.

Kabutops has a sharp and lean humanoid form with scythe-like arms, which might remind some trainers of Scyther or even Pinsir. Clara wouldn’t like it, though, since Kabutops looks more like a killing machine than a playmate. She’s better off leaving this fossil in the past.

8Clara Would Want: Clara Could Sail On A Lapras

Lapras has a good reputation in the Kanto region, being a gentle Water-type Pokémon that is renowned for ferrying passengers across bodies of water for free. This large Pokémon has some combat capabilities with water and ice-based techniques, but Clara isn’t here to fight.

Instead, Clara would explore Kanto’s coastlines, then gasp in delight the first time she sees a majestic Lapras gliding across the sparkling waters. She would rush over to ride on the next Lapras leaving the harbor and spend all day touring the coastline with her new aquatic friend.

7Clara Wouldn’t Want: Machoke Is Totally Self-Absorbed

The brawny warrior Pokémon Machoke is the evolution between the tiny Machop and the mighty Machamp, and Machoke is the toughest evolutionary stage to train. Machoke may be strong, but it is also arrogant and tends to show off in front of a mirror rather than train.

A dedicated trainer could tame a Machoke and teach it some discipline, but Valac Clara couldn’t be bothered. She would also be dismayed at a Machoke paying attention to itself rather than to her.

6Clara Would Want: Mr. Mime Is So Funny

Mr. Mime is one of several human-shape Pokémon in the franchise, and it is a goofy but skilled Pokémon that can actually form solid, transparent walls with its mime routine. Mr. Mine is a playful psychic Pokémon, and it can be a real prankster at times. It’s hardly helpless in combat, though.

Clara would think that Mr. Mime is hilarious, and she and this Pokémon have similar personalities, too. On command, Mr. Mime would build an entire jungle gym out of clear but hard walls for Clara to play around on.

5Clara Wouldn’t Want: Kakuna Doesn’t Do Anything

Kakuna is the evolution between Weedil and Beedrill, similar to Metapod in the Caterpie evolutionary line. Kakuna can only use the Harden technique to defend itself from enemy attacks and rack up defensive battlefield experience until it’s ready to evolve into a Beedrill.

Clara would think Kakuna looks kind of cool hanging on a tree at first, but then she’d be disappointed to realize that this insect Pokémon doesn’t actually do much of anything until it’s ready to evolve. She can’t even provoke it to get a reaction.

4Clara Would Want: Eevee Is The Ideal Pet

Eevee is one of the most famous Normal-type Pokémon of all, since this fox-like Pokémon can evolve into a wide variety of stages, each with a different typing, from Umbreon and Leafeon to Jolteon and beyond.

Eevee is also one of the most charming and cuddly Pokémon of all, especially within Generation I, and Clara would be delighted to befriend one and play with it. She would gladly cuddle with it in bed, and Eevee would like that, too.

3Clara Wouldn’t Want: Persian Would Look Down On Clara

Persian is a classy cat Pokémon, the evolution of Meowth. Persians are often considered status symbols, especially with that gorgeous ruby in their foreheads, but owning a Persian isn’t easy. Don Giovanni is known for having a Persian, and he is a good example of a proper Persian owner.

This feline Pokémon has an aloof and dignified attitude, and it is also rather fickle at times. Valac Clara would try to befriend a Persian, but this Pokémon would turn its nose up at her, displeased with Clara’s juvenile personality.

2Clara Would Want: Snorlax Is Soft & Can Be Fed Anything

Many Pokémon trainers would find the massive Snorlax boring, since the bear-like Pokémon spends most of its time either eating or asleep and its moves aren’t particularly flashy in combat. Snorlax would appeal greatly to Valac Clara, though, and she would eagerly befriend one.

Snorlax is like a living trampoline, and it doesn’t mind having kids or Valac Clara bouncing on its huge, rubbery belly. Clara would also have fun feeding her Snorlax a wide variety of treats, and she would also lay on its belly, watching the clouds pass by while telling it anything that comes to her mind. If it’s not asleep, a Snorlax can be a good, albeit passive, sounding board.

1Clara Wouldn’t Want: Magneton Is Just A Robot

Magneton is a fearsome Electric-type Pokémon, formed when three Magnemites stick together to form a single entity. This machine-like Pokémon spends most of its time pursuing fresh sources of electricity, such as power plants and lightning storms, and it shows little interest in anything else.

Valac Clara would be intrigued by the sight of a robotic Magneton floating along, but this strange Pokémon wouldn’t want to play with her, and Clara would get unpleasantly zapped by accident during a Magneton feeding session. This Pokémon is no fun, and it isn’t very cuddly, either.

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