What Did Jason Momoa Want to Do Before Becoming Famous?

Jason Momoa is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. After rising to success through his role as Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Momoa joined forces with DC Comics to become the iconic character Aquaman in a big-budget film that earned high praise from critics and fans. What many of his most ardent supporters don’t realize is that Momoa didn’t initially plan on being an actor. In fact, Momoa’s career path almost took a very different, ironic turn.

What was Jason Momoa’s first career goal?

Born in 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Momoa actually spent the majority of his early years in Iowa. His parents were both heavily involved in the arts, with his mother working as a photographer and his father a painter. His ancestry is Native Hawaiian, Native American, and German, giving Momoa the unique looks that he would later become famous for.

After graduating high school, Momoa attended college, with his sights set on a degree in marine biology. Momoa later admitted that he really wanted to be a marine biologist before gradually shifting his focus to wildlife biology. Years later, Momoa’s love for animals and the ocean would remain stronger than ever, and he routinely speaks out in support of conservation causes and ways to help keep the ocean clean. 

In 1998, Momoa was discovered by a pair of talent agents who suggested that he put his rugged build and unforgettable face to work as a model. After a stint in the modeling industry, which included winning Hawaii’s Model of the Year in 1999, Momoa turned to acting, appearing in the TV series Baywatch Hawaii.

Momoa would continue to appear on the show for the next two years as he worked on other projects. Some of the television shows and films that Momoa would star in over the next few years included Stargate: Atlantis (for which he earned a large fan following), Johnson Family Vacation, North Shore, and The Game.

In 2011, Momoa appeared as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, the popular fantasy series based on the novels by George R. R. Martin. The barbaric Drogo would become a fan-favorite. Although Momoa would only appear in several seasons of the show’s eight-year run, his character would remain one of the most popular. Following his stint on Game of Thrones, Momoa’s biggest role was definitely that of Aquaman, which he debuted in the movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What’s next for Jason Momoa?

When Aquaman was released in late 2018, even more fans went crazy for the charismatic Momoa. The star had become a superhero, and his career entered a whole new level of busy — and he probably won’t slow down anytime soon. He is set to reprise his role as Aquaman in the as-yet-untitled sequel film, which is due to hit theaters in 2022.

Momoa is also kept busy with his family, which includes his wife, Lisa Bonet, and their two children. Momoa and Bonet are one of the happiest couples in Hollywood, and Momoa often admits that he knew Bonet was “the one” when he saw Bonet acting on The Cosby Show when he was still a child. The two finally met in 2004 and have been together ever since, finally tying the knot in 2017 in a secret wedding ceremony. Bonet, who was previously married to musician Lenny Kravitz, enjoys a peaceful life well away from the spotlight with Momoa.

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