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What Happens Next To Better Call Saul’s 6 Biggest Characters

Better Call Saul is only the beginning, as the characters that appear in the prequel have all kinds of other stories in the Breaking Bad universe.

Better Call Saul is now over, but considering that the series is a Breaking Bad prequel, the stories of Better Call Saul‘s main characters are far from over. Better Call Saul gives a glimpse at the lives of some characters after the events of Breaking Bad, such as Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler, while the fates of other characters are concluded in Breaking Bad itself. Breaking Bad ended in 2013, meaning that it’s been a long time since the stories of some of Better Call Saul‘s biggest characters have been seen, so here is a refresher of what happens to every main character after the events of Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul is the conclusion of the Breaking Bad universe, which has been going since the original series’ 2008 premiere. The main franchise consists of Breaking BadBetter Call Saul, and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which focus on Walter Walt, Saul Goodman, and Jesse Pinkman respectively. Due to the amount of content that exists within the Breaking Bad universe, there are all kinds of characters to keep up with. On top of that, the story isn’t told in chronological order, making it difficult to keep tabs on the order or events, especially regarding what happens to all of the prequel’s main characters.

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6Saul Goodman

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul season 6

Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman was first introduced as a side character in Breaking Bad, but he quickly became one of the franchise’s most popular characters. Out of every character in the Breaking Bad universe, Saul Goodman actually has the most screentime, showing just how significant he is. Even with that screentime, though, Saul Goodman’s story hasn’t yet been fully told, as it isn’t known what happened to him after the events of Better Call Saul season 6’s Gene Takovic timeline.

Better Call Saul ends with Saul Goodman finally getting arrested and sentenced to 86 years in prison for his crimes throughout Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. While this is a pretty conclusive ending to Saul Goodman’s story, there are some theories as to what happened to the man once known as Jimmy McGill. It’s very possible that Saul Goodman dies in prison, as 86 years is much longer than Saul has left. Saul getting his sentence reduced seems unlikely, but it’s possible that Saul could have continued his life as a con man on the inside, using his legal expertise to carve himself a place in his forever home.

5Kim Wexler

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12 Kim Wexler in bed rhea seehorn

While Saul Goodman’s Better Call Saul ending does have a lot of finality, Kim Wexler’s story doesn’t conclude nearly as neatly. Like many characters in the Breaking Bad universe, Kim’s story ends with her running away and starting a new life, eventually choosing to settle down in Florida. Although Kim believes that she is living life on the lam, she is saved in a way by Saul, who clears her of any potential charges with his testimony. Kim Wexler was involved with the death of Howard Hamlin as well as other crimes throughout Better Call Saul, but unlike her former husband, Kim was able to get away with it.

Kim Wexler was working at a sprinkler company based out of Florida during the events of Breaking Bad, but her final encounters with Saul changed where her story could have gone. Better Call Saul ends with Kim deciding to volunteer at a pro bono law firm, allowing her to get back into the world of law that she left so many years ago. It can be assumed that Kim continues working in law after the events of Better Call Saul season 6, although the con artistry and legal skills that she learns from Jimmy will have definitely influenced her in her future endeavors.

4Mike Ehrmantraut

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul features many characters whose stories were wrapped up in Breaking Bad, with Mike Ehrmantraut being one of the biggest ones. In Breaking Bad, Mike works for both Gus Fring and Saul Goodman, getting even further into the criminal underworld of Albuquerque. Mike eventually starts doing work for Walter White, becoming more heavily involved in the Blue Sky drug trade. However, Mike attempts to get out when Walt’s empire begins to crumble, something Walt isn’t too fond of. Walt eventually gets the upper hand on Mike, killing him and putting an end to his story in the Breaking Bad universe.

3Gus Fring

Gus Fring in his restaurant in Breaking Bad

Gus Fring holds a weird spot in Better Call Saul, being an antihero of sorts that only wants to take down the Salamanca’s corner on the drug market. Although he does have minor successes at the end of Better Call SaulBreaking Bad shows that Gus goes on to find great success. Gus becomes the main antagonist of Breaking Bad, working alongside Walt until he turns against him. Walt eventually orchestrates an elaborate plan to kill off Gus, with him strapping a bomb to Hector Salamanca’s chair. This plan succeeds, with Gus being blown up and putting an end to his grip on the drug trade.

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2Hector Salamanca

Hector Salamanca Smug Reaction

Hector Salamanca is far from his glory days in the cartel in Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul shows how he got to that point. Better Call Saul leaves Hector disabled, with no family, and with almost no power in the cartel. Breaking Bad does expand on the rivalry between Hector and Gus, and as it turns out, Hector actually wins in the end. Hector agrees to help Walter White kill Gus, allowing a bomb that is attached to his wheelchair to detonate. Although there isn’t much left of the Salamanca family after Better Call Saul, Hector ensures that there isn’t much of Gus’ empire either after Breaking Bad.

1Huell Babineaux

Huell with a smirk looking to the side in a scene from Better Call Saul.

The final main character that has a continued story in Breaking Bad is fan-favorite Huell Babineaux. While Huell does lend his skills to a few of Jimmy’s scams in Better Call Saul, Huell becomes a full-fledged employee of Saul in Breaking Bad. Huell works security for Saul as well as acting as an enforcer alongside his partner, Kuby. Interestingly, Huell is one of the few characters in the Breaking Bad universe that gets a happy ending, with Better Call Saul season 6 revealing that Huell has moved back to New Orleans and is presumably living out the rest of his life happily.

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