‘Yellowstone’ Cast Unpacks ‘Layers’ of Dramatic Dutton Family Dinner Scene

In this week’s episode of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” three members of the Yellowstone cast discuss Sunday’s dramatic Dutton family dinner scene.

Per usual, what starts out as a simple meal becomes anything but at the Dutton ranch. Recently, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) invited his daughter, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), and her other half, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), to live in the main house with him. Rip’s his right-hand man. He’s like a son to John, so the ranch owner is happy to have the couple there. But he might have forgotten just how fiery Beth can be at the dinner table.

During Season 4, Episode 8, Beth, Rip, and young Carter join her father for dinner. For some reason, every single time they sit down for a meal at the huge table, something goes wrong. This time was no different. In classic Beth fashion, she hilariously flipped out seemingly over nothing. However, Yellowstone fans finally get some answers when Rip helps calm her down and gets to the bottom of it all. In fact, Rip simply suggests that they eat in a different room, and it works.

“That’s where [Rip’s] simplicity, I think, plays such a major part,” Denim Richards (Colby) says of the scene. “There’s always these complex issues, and there’s always these deeper layers… Not everything requires this 5, 10, 12 dimensional thought process. Sometimes it can just be like if you don’t like that table in there because it stirs up all of these memories, let’s just eat here.”

“It’s wonderful to watch a character who’s not simple by any means, but he’s less complicated than Beth,” Ian Bohen (Ryan) says about Rip and Beth. “He can disarm her being smarter than her own self and outsmarting herself with just a perspective shift that levels them.”

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser Break Down Explosive Dinner Scene

In Yellowstone‘s most recent “Behind The Story” clip from Monday, Reilly and Hauser shared their opinions about the tense yet amusing dinner scene. According to Reilly, her character sees the dinner table as a symbol of the facade that is her far from perfect family.

“She can’t stand how [the dinner table] makes her feel. She can’t stand the pretense of what we’re not,” Kelly Reilly explained about dinner time at the Dutton ranch.

Yet Rip makes the simple suggestion of moving their meal to a different room. Surprisingly, it works out great for everyone, especially Beth.

“Beth just goes fking batst nuts. Rip can kinda pull her out of that, that kinda spinning out of control,” Cole Hauser says of the scene.

The four Yellowstone characters move to the living room table instead. It’s a much smaller table that only sits four, but it suited them just fine.

“We’re finally at a dinner table where Beth can enjoy and relax. And it frees them all up,” Reilly added.

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