‘Yellowstone’: Crucial Character Dies As Episode 8 Ends

Alright, the new episode of Yellowstone just came to a close and there is a lot to unpack, especially that gunfight at the end of the episode. Be warned, SPOILERS are ahead.

John Dutton and Rip met up to talk with Sheriff Haskell. They wanted to tell him they know who tried to kill him and they are planning on trying to make that person pay as much as possible. It won’t be easy getting to them in prison.

Just as they walk into the diner, the three notice something is going on. Rip points out no one is eating inside. They figure out the place is being held up and go to grab their guns. Rip goes through the front, John sneaks into the kitchen. Sheriff Haskell is dining at a table. The three take out the robbers, however, Haskell is shot in the chest. He doesn’t make it, unfortunately.

John had to explain to the sheriff’s daughter that her dad had just been shot and killed. In the grand scheme of things, this means a new sheriff is coming. Could they be against the Duttons? Or will John be able to get another ally into that office?

Here’s a take from the unofficial John Dutton for Governor account on Twitter…

Fans aren’t taking the Yellowstone news too well, either.

Fans React to Death at End of ‘Yellowstone’ Episode

Sheriff Haskell is dead and we have a lot of the season left to go. It isn’t all bad news as there was an announcement that there will be new life coming soon to the Dutton family. However, as far as the end of the episode went, we aren’t sure there is a positive to take away.

One viewer on Twitter said it was “heartbreaking.”

Another fan is a bit in denial. Haskell was a good character and will be missed on the show.

Yellowstone is no stranger to death, but that doesn’t make them any easier when they happen to good characters. However, fans got to celebrate new life as well.

Pregnancy Announced for Dutton Family

So, Haskel died. But, Yellowstone fans were treated to good news right before. There usually isn’t a lot of good news to go around the Dutton ranch. Now, Monica is pregnant and she and Kayce are adding to their family. Tate even cracked a joke about babysitting in the future.

However, this does have folks wondering what is going to happen with Monica. She could be just fine and the family will expand with another child with no problems. Then again, this could be an omen for things to come. Perhaps she isn’t going to be safe as the season goes on. There is just no telling what might happen.

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