‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Watching ‘Outer Range’ While Waiting for Season 5: Here’s What They’re Saying

Prime Video’s newest neo-Western series “Outer Range” aired its first two episodes on Friday, April 15, and “Yellowstone” fans seem to really be getting into it. The genre-bending show touches on Western themes that “Yellowstone” fans love. There are land disputes and rodeo content, while also providing something for fans of supernatural and psychological elements. It’s crossing over shows like “Yellowstone” and the more wholesome “Heartland” with shows like “Twin Peaks” and “The Twilight Zone.”

The series follows Royal Abbott as he discovers the mysteries behind a large black void in his west pasture. He’s confronted by the secrets of the world, fate, religion, and the unknown. In the first episode, “The Void,” a backpacker named Autumn wanders onto the ranch, wanting to camp there for a few days. Royal reluctantly agrees, but things start to get weird once she settles in. The Abbott family is already dealing with a personal tragedy–the disappearance of their daughter-in-law Rebecca–now add on a mysterious void and a weird squatter, plus threats from long-time rival and neighbor Wayne Tillerson, and things are gearing up to be edge-of-your-seat at every turn.

So what are “Yellowstone” fans saying about “Outer Range”? As they wait for season 5 of their own series, fans have curiously picked “Outer Range” up. There have been some fans that were pleasantly surprised by the supernatural elements, initially thinking it was just another show about cattle ranching. But, things on “Outer Range” are decidedly more sinister, more symbolic, and just more everything. It’s not better than “Yellowstone,” don’t get me wrong. It’s just so different.

What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think of ‘Outer Range’

We’ve already discussed at length what I think of “Outer Range,” I wrote recaps of episode one, “The Void,” and episode two, “The Land.” In short: I’m loving it. But, what are big-time “Yellowstone” fans thinking?

In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans got together to discuss their initial opinions on “Outer Range” and what brought them there. Incidentally, a lot of “Yellowstone” fans expressed that they don’t really like sci-fi or supernatural elements and themes. But, most are enjoying “Outer Range” so far. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for the show, I don’t know what is.

“Originally watched it because we thought it was a knock off of Yellowstone based on the ads we were getting,” one fan claimed in the thread. “So much better, while I like Yellowstone, Outer Range is very edge of your seat what will happen next type of show. Yes, it is sci-fi but it can also be looked at as just a mystery.”

One fan claimed it’s like “‘Yellowstone’ meets ‘Signs’,” while another mentioned “The Twilight Zone.” There were a few “Yellowstone” fans who said they’d give the show a chance after reading the description from the original post. Overall, hardcore “Yellowstone” fans seem to be intrigued by the Josh Brolin-led series. As for me, I’m telling literally everyone I meet about it, I’m that obsessed. So, hey, there’s this show called “Outer Range,” you should really watch it.

‘1883’ Star Isabel May Cast in Major Role on Upcoming HBO Max Film

written by Lauren Boisvert April 18, 2022 1:06 pm


“1883” star Isabel May has landed an interesting role in an upcoming HBO Max film; she’s recently been cast to play Jayna in DC’s new “Wonder Twins” movie. Her male counterpart will be played by KJ Apa of “Riverdale” fame.

This newest installment in the DC Universe follows the alien brother and sister Jayna and Zan, who debuted on “The All-New Super Friends Hour” in 1977. They made their comic debut in “Super Friends #7,” also published in 1977. Jayna has the ability to turn into animals, while Zan can turn into water. The two activate their powers by touching hands and saying, “Wonder Twin power, activate!”

Adam Sztykiel is writing and directing the new film; Sztykiel also worked on the upcoming Dwayne Johnson film “Black Adam,” due out on October 21. “The Batman” was DC’s most recent installment in the Universe, with “DC League of Super Pets” following on July 19, then “Black Adam,” then “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” on December 16.

Additionally, as far as the Wonder Twins go, the choice to release on HBO Max seems like a good one; the Wonder Twins aren’t exactly widely known, and if they are, they’re usually the butt of jokes and memes. I don’t believe a big-screen release would gain much traction. On the flip side, an HBO Max release seems perfect for this type of movie about obscure superheroes.

‘1883’ Star Isabel May Cast as Wonder Twin, Recently Presented at CMT Music Awards

Safe to say, Isabel May is having a great year; fresh off the heels of her breakout role on “1883” as Elsa Dutton, Isabel May has a new starring role in the works. Plus, she recently presented Video of the Year at the CMT Awards with her on-screen mom, Faith Hill. This was Hill’s first appearance at the CMT Awards in 12 years, and she and May handed off the award to Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean near the end of the night.

Speaking of Faith Hill and Isabel May, late in March, Isabel May spoke about their characters, and the moment when Elsa saw her mother in a different light. “She sees her mother in a different light,” May said in a video breakdown of one of “1883”s early episodes. “There’s clearly a past that she’s unaware of. She’s a horseback rider and that’s everything that Elsa wants to be. And so, she kind of starts to understand my mother was something else in the past and she gave that up. Maybe she gave that up for me. It’s the first time that she’s seen her mother in a different light, which is really special. Really beautiful.”

The dynamic between Isabel May and Faith Hill as Elsa and Margaret Dutton was so heartwarming. Margaret would clearly do anything for her daughter, and one has to wonder if Faith Hill pulled heavily on her experience as a mother for this difficult role.

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