‘Yellowstone’: Old Character Returns to Show with New Baby in Season 4, Episode 5

Rejoice, Yellowstone fans: Season 4, Episode 5 just tied up a major plot hole. But boy, does it raise a whole lot more questions than answers. Be warned of major Yellowstone spoilers ahead.

That’s the mark of an entertaining story, right? Suspense. Intrigue. If we knew exactly how Yellowstone was going to unfold, we’d have given up on it long ago. But this is certainly not the case as “Under a Blanket of Red” just proved.

During the typical Dutton chaos, Jamie Dutton begins his investigation into the convict responsible for putting out a hit on his family: Riggins. He talks to Riggins’ lawyer, offers him immunity, and gets the truth rolling. All of this is important because Jamie Dutton eventually finds out that his biological father, Garrett Randall, did, in fact, have a hand in the attempted assassinations on his adoptive family.

We’re not told directly in Episode 5, but the revelation is heavily implied when Jamie returns to his new ranch. There, he is boiling with rage towards his manipulative father-by-blood.

Let’s linger on that key word – manipulative – for a bit, shall we? Why, you ask? Well, right as Jamie is about to confront Randall, out from his new ranch home walks the ghosts of his past: Christina and their baby son.

‘Yellowstone’s ‘Under a Blanket of Red’ is a Full Reckoning for Jamie Dutton

That’s right: Jamie’s old fling, Christina, is back. And she has his baby son with her.

After working together, becoming romantically involved, and then producing offspring together, Christina would disappear. In fact, we would not see or hear a single word of her in Season 3. She’s gone with Season 2’s end, and fans have been chomping at this egregious plot hole for two years.

But now she’s back. And Jamie has a son.

“You did exactly what you said you were going to do,” Christina tells Jamie after seeing him for the first time in nearly two years. And with tears in his eyes, Jamie finally meets his own child.

As fans will recall, Christina called Jamie during Yellowstone Season 2’s end to tell him she was pregnant. Then, she gives him an ultimatum: choose this new family over your old one, or never meet your child.

It’s a sick twist of fate to have Garrett Randall present for this, long-overdue reveal, too. Jamie has just learned of his father’s role in trying to have his adoptive family murdered. Yet here they are, meeting the third generation of their bloodline together.

To make matters even more constricting for Jamie, Christina seems genuinely thrilled to see him and for Jamie to be a part of their lives. She wants him to be a father to their son. And she seems to still be completely in love with him.

But sadly, there are no happily-ever-afters in Yellowstone, are there? Randall’s involvement means these two are nothing short of leverage on his part. And we’ll see how this unfolds as Yellowstone Season 4 enters its second half.

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