‘Yellowstone’: Piper Perabo Hints Summer and Beth Could End Up on the ‘Same Team’

Yellowstone introduced a new character in its latest episode played by American actress Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly). Perabo’s character, Summer Higgins, is a passionate activist and protestor who isn’t afraid to stand up to the Duttons.

In the latest episode, Summer Higgins gets arrested for participating in a protest. As a result, Kayce (Luke Grimes) breaks up the dramatic demonstration. However, John (Kevin Costner) gets the chance to exchange a few words with Higgins before the arrest. Intrigued by what she has to say, John ultimately bails her out of jail and invites her to the Yellowstone Ranch.

To this end, Summer Higgins is just getting started. “Just the fact that Summer’s on the ranch could spell trouble for the Duttons,” Perabo concludes.

“When she realizes that this airport is going to be built on this pristine land in the center of Montana, she decides to take that on and she doesn’t have any sense of the place that she’s getting involved in,” Perabo explains. “She just knows the issue, so she doesn’t know anything about the Duttons and how dangerous it is to mess with them,” she continued. “it’s going to get really dangerous.”

Piper Perabo Teases What’s to Come on Yellowstone

Speaking with TVInsider, Perabo breaks down what fans can expect from Summer Higgins in the episodes to come.

Who is Summer away from activism? Are we going to get a sense of that?

“Yeah, you actually find out a lot about who she is. She doesn’t come from a place like Montana and she has a lot to learn about how the rules are there, and I think it kind of opens her eyes to a world she knew nothing about,” she said.

What can you say about what her interactions with the Duttons are like?

“Not all Duttons are the same,” said Perabo. “Some [Duttons] are more appreciative of her sense of fight than others, but each Dutton is kind of trouble in their own right. Even just having one Dutton as your enemy, I don’t think you’re safe.”

Will Summer and Beth Be Friends?

What can you say about Summer and Beth’s dynamic? That has to be fun.

“Summer and Beth’s dynamic is one of the [most] fun relationships I have this season. Summer and Beth hate each other. And it just goes from bad to worse. Summer and Beth have enemies in common. So, there’s a chance for them to be on the same team while they have a common goal.”

Does Summer get involved in all the conflict the Duttons are in the middle of?

In conclusion, Perabo affirms, “Summer gets right into the center of the family.”

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