‘Yellowstone’ Reminds Everyone of Their ‘New Favorite Couple’

You just can’t help but root for Jimmy (Jefferson White). The Yellowstone ranch hand has been through a lot, but he’s finally found his way to a better work life and a better relationship.

The Yellowstone Twitter account reminded fans of that on Friday with a picture of Jimmy and Emily (Kathryn Kelly) captioned, “Our new favorite couple.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In

Not so fast, Yellowstone fans said. Some of them were all for Jimmy and Emily. But many wanted to know: what about Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser)? Those fan-favorite lovebirds may not be quite ready to give up the title.

“Nah… I don’t know enough about her yet,” one Yellowstone fan tweeted. “I’ve got to go with Rip and Beth for right now.”

“Beth & Rip are still my favorite couple!” another fan replied. And other fans jumped in to agree.

When Will We See Jimmy and Emily Next?

Yellowstone fans will notice the “6666” logo sewn into Emily’s shirt, which begs the question: do Jimmy and Emily make it back to the Four Sixes and settle down there? And when will we see them again?

When we last saw the duo, they were leaving Montana together in their truck, looking at Mia (Eden Brolin) in the rearview mirror. With Jimmy having said his goodbyes to the Dutton Ranch, will we see any more scenes in Yellowstone featuring the new couple?

Recent reports suggest that work on 6666 is “well underway.” But with no premiere date announced yet for the Yellowstone show featuring Jimmy and, presumably, Emily, it’s tough to tell when and how fans will get to see the rest of Jimmy’s saga.

Another unanswered question is when and how Walker (Ryan Bingham) makes the transition from the Dutton Ranch to the Four Sixes. We already know, because he told Jimmy as much, that Walker has already spent time at the Four Sixes, and leaving there is the biggest regret of his life. As a branded ranch hand, he can’t easily leave the Dutton Ranch. But Bingham has reportedly signed on to join the cast of 6666, so Walker must end up back in Texas somehow.

Long story short, it seems Taylor Sheridan still has plenty of storytelling left to do, not least on the subject of Jimmy’s journey from suffering to self-respect. And while fans may disagree on who their favorite Yellowstone couple is, it’s clear that many of them have taken to Jimmy’s new fiancée, so Sheridan’s not likely to get rid of her too quickly.

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