‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: One of These Characters Has a ‘Train Ticket’

As Yellowstone fan and Ian Bohen follower Ben asks: “Did you just tease someone from the bunk house dies tonight?”

Ahead of Season 4, Episode 3, ranch hand Ryan actor Ian Bohen is laying down a rather passive hot take on his official Instagram. His Sunday morning post now has fans in a frenzy… Did the Yellowstone actor just tease a major death via “Train Station” on tonight’s episode?

“One of these has a train ticket. Tonight on @yellowstone. Don’t miss an all new episode 8/7c on @paramountnetwork,” Bohen captions his post. But the meat & potatoes here is who is in the Instagram photo he’s captioning. Take a look:

That first shot, right there, includes Ian Bohen himself as Ryan and Hassie Harrison as Laramie. But the one gent here who seems high-destined for the “Train Station” is none other than Ryan Bingham’s Walker.

“I am going to guess Walker but I am hoping I am wrong,” comments Yellowstone fan Maria on Instagram. We’re thinking the same, Maria. Walker has long been marked for death, and it feels overdue at this point. But if you’ve been following along with Outsider, then you’ll know that Ryan Bingham has been cast in the show’s Texas-based spinoff, 6666.

Seeing how things turned out for Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom (who was also cast in 6666) during the premiere, we’re guessing Walker may cheat death once more. But what about Ian Bohen himself? Is his Ryan around for the long haul?

‘Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen Teases ‘Train Station’ Death with Photos of Beloved Characters

And let’s not forget that Bohen’s shots also feature several other fan-favorite characters. The next two slides show Yellowstone cook (both behind and in front of the camera) Gator, Jen Landon’s Teeter, and Denim Richards’ Colby. Is one of these three marked for death? All of the above?

Honestly, it seems highly unlikely for any of these characters to die. As Outsider’s own Wes Blankenship cites in our Bunkhouse Breakdown podcast, John, Kayce, and Beth Dutton were all marked for death by Season 3’s riveting finale… And not a damn one died! This is, of course, best for the show (and most fans). But that doesn’t make it feel any less of a cop-out.

As a result, this Outsider is highly – and I mean highly – skeptical we’ll see any of the above Yellowstone characters die in Season 4, Episode 3. But if we do, well, then Yellowstone will have surprised me once more. And I won’t be mad about it. Not one bit.

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