‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Makes Touching Post After Receiving Honor from Texas Town

Yellowstone‘s own Lloyd, Forrie J. Smith, proves he’s the real deal once again with this enormous honor via the mayor of Celina, Texas.

If you love Yellowstone (which, let’s face it, is why you’re here), then you’ve no doubt learned by now that Forrie J. Smith is a true-to-life cowboy. From the time he learned to walk, Smith has been riding, roping, and rodeoing. After a long stunt and riding career adjacent to Hollywood, the man is now a Western icon thanks to his work as Lloyd on Yellowstone.

His appeal can no doubt be traced to his authenticity, too. Smith imbues the Dutton Yellowstone ranch with a sense of reality with every scene he’s in; specifically any involving livestock. And it’s all because he’s been doing the real deal for a living for over 50 years.

“Wow! I was awarded the key to Celina, Tx by the Mayor Sean Terry on Dec. 1st and honored to light the Christmas Tree!!” begins Smith on his official Instagram Friday. “Behind me is famed Cutting Horse Competitor and Trainer to the Stars, “Punk Carter,” he adds.

This is but the latest honor bestowed on the cowboy-turned Yellowstone star. Among his many accolades, Smith has taken his his rodeo circuit’s trophy twice. He also took the average at the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association Finals.

Forrie J. Smith Starts Nabbing ‘Yellowstone’ Nominations Alongside Rodeoing Awards

Yet it’s not just his cowboying that earns Smith such accolades. As of this year, the icon is also a nominated actor.

“I AM OVER THE TOP EXCITED!!!” Smith began in another recent Instagram post. “I was just told that I am being nominated for the 2022 SAG Awards in 3 categories by MTV Entertainment Group-Via!!”

The Yellowstone star cites his nominations as follows: Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Critics Choice Award), and Overall for Best Drama Series.

Ensemble awards are exactly that, ensemble. But Smith is up for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, too, which is even more cause for excitement.

“I am thrilled,” Smith continues. “You all deserve so much gratitude for helping my talents and efforts get acknowledged by my peers! Thank you all so much and can’t wait until the end of Feb. 2022. This is such a huge honor for me to be nominated and I couldn’t have done this without my online social medial publicist, Camille O’Donnell.”

From all of us Outsiders, many congratulations to Forrie J. Smith on his Yellowstone nominations. Here’s to hoping he and the Yellowstone cast nab them all!

Season 4 of Yellowstone continues each Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern only on Paramount Network.

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