‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Pushes for ‘Folks Who Feed Us’ to ‘Get Compensated Fairly’

Yellowstone‘s own Jimmy Hurdstrom, Jefferson White, is throwing his cowboy hat into the ring for American farmers and “folks who feed us.”

“I know fans of Yellowstone appreciate the folks who feed us – let’s make sure they get compensated fairly and protected under the law!!” White posts to his official Twitter Tuesday. In doing so, he sheds further light on United Farm Worker’s latest feature.

The feature, as the Yellowstone actor says, gives insight into the incredible American farmer and food industry workers who feed our country – and much of the world.

“As you are shopping, prepping and preparing your Thanksgiving meals, we’d like you to know a little more about the work behind every ingredient and the people doing that work. Here’s a thread for everyone who wants to thank a farm worker this week,” UFW tweets with the hashtag #WeFeedYou.

At their core, United Farm Workers of America (UFW) has been “Fighting for farm worker rights since 1962,” a worthy cause if there ever was one. And the footage they include shows a fraction of the hard work farming is.

As follower Michelle pinpoints, farm and food workers are currently fighting for fair wages. Compensation for this back-breaking work rarely does justice to the necessity it is.

“I am so thankful for all these hardworking people. I’ve worked side by side with these folks and I have great respect for them. Get them comparative wages that they so richly deserve!” Michelle offers.

‘Yellowstone’s Jefferson White Continues to ‘Fight for Farmers’

Tuesday’s post is the latest White is sharing to highlight this issue. Back in February, he shared the following:

“Charlie is paid piece rates— 75 cents per bucket. He’s by far the fastest in his crew. (Just a Friday reminder of what we mean when we say #WeFeedYou).

“I worked 9months picking fruit /veg in Australia. The hardest work I have ever done,” replies one Yellowstone follower. “Chose to work for hourly wage after picking apples piece work and could not get the speed. Fastest picked three apples in each hand. Amazing conversation in the fields, respect to all pickers.”

“He’d have to fill 160 buckets a day for $15 an hour. No benefits, no sick days, no vacation days, nobody giving a f*** if his family can make rent or eat, but a***oles screaming about taking our jobs. I’ll gladly pay more for produce if it means taking care of these good people,” replies UFW follower Rob.

This is but a taste of comments coming in on their threads. Veldy offers another form of clarification with:

“One bucket every 2 minutes 30 buckets an hour 30 x $.75 = $22.5 hr. 8 x $22.50 = $180.00 day. Tax free.”

Outside of sharing these posts, however, Yellowstone‘s Jefferson White doesn’t offer any more clarification to his stance on the issue.

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