‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Reflects on ‘Home’ and Living on Montana Cattle Ranch Years Ago

“I don’t love being in L.A.,” Jen Landon admits before revealing she once lived on a Montana cattle ranch years before Yellowstone brought her full circle.

Amongst the many perks of starring in television’s #1 watched show, the cast of Yellowstone has made it clear they’re beyond grateful to have made this Western family. Among this shared feeling is Jen Landon, whose breakout performance as Teeter is earning her a massive fanbase.

“It’s just amazing to feel like I have a home,” the Yellowstone actor begins in a recent interview with Screen Rant. For Jen Landon, the show offers much more than a job or simple paycheck. It offers her said family – and a return to a place she once called home years before Yellowstone.

“I don’t love being in L.A., which is where I live,” she reveals. “I took an acting sabbatical and went and lived on a cattle ranch in Montana ten years ago, down in Paradise Valley, so it was kind of perfect for me.”

Perfect, indeed. Returning to Montana to film Yellowstone has brought Jen Landon full circle. “And, essentially, when we’re shooting – those animals are those animals. And we’re [working with them] and so it’s like the perfect fit,” she adds of her livestock experience.

But above all, Yellowstone – or Montana, more aptly – is the home Jen Landon has been craving.

“For me, my experience [has very much been as] the actor who’s been employed, who’s been unemployed, who’s moved shows, who’s done a ton of episodes of TV,” she explains. But with her Yellowstone family, Landon says “It’s so nice to feel like I have a home.”

So much so, in fact, that Landon is already grieving “the sort of loss of that home in advance, because all things must end. And I mean way in advance.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon & Taylor Sheridan Had the ‘Same Idea That Teeter was Raised on a Sheep Farm’

There’s no doubt after Season 4’s arc for her Teeter that the character would feel the same, too. Teeter has become as enthralled with The Dutton Yellowstone Ranch as Landon – something both the actor and series mastermind believe is rooted deeply in Teeter’s past.

Jen Landon as Teeter, Denim Richards as Colby in Yellowstone Season 3. (Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“I talked to Taylor a little about it in season three and we had the same idea that Teeter was raised on a sheep farm, older brothers, probably without a mom, a real sense of family,” Landon offers. “And, I felt like she sort of lost that family to a host of different issues. And that she’s been a mobile worker ever since.”

Much like Jen Landon’s sporadic, eclectic acting career, Teeter was “moving around ranch to ranch… You take jobs here and there, and she’s so crusty and guarded and all that stuff.”

But both Jen and Teeter “really long for that sense of family,” Landon says. “And [Teeter has] found that family at the Dutton ranch. And, I’ve always imagined that she doesn’t really want to go anywhere else ever.”

Jen Landon will return as Teeter – upped to a series regular – in Yellowstone Season 5 come late 2022.

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