‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Says Taylor Sheridan Won’t Let Her ‘Hold Back’

Beth Dutton might arguably be one of the best characters on “Yellowstone.” But she wouldn’t be so spectacular without great performances by Kelly Reilly.

Not to mention great direction by “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. Earlier today, Reilly spoke with co-star Jefferson White on the show’s official podcast about her character, Beth. During the podcast, Reilly admitted that her attempts to “soften” Beth’s character were quickly corrected by Sheridan.

“Taylor doesn’t let me hold back,” Reilly revealed. “If I try to soften her in any way, in those moments, he would pull me aside and ask me what the hell I was doing. It’s very clear what my instructions are. And within that, it’s by pushing the boundaries quite to an extreme level that you see the truth of something.”

Beth has always been a raw, honest “Yellowstone” character. She says what she wants with no regard for anyone else’s feelings. But the things she says aren’t necessarily wrong. People just don’t like to hear harsh truths sometimes.

“And if you teeter on being safe, sometimes you don’t really get the full experience of what [Sheridan’s] going for,” Reilly continued. “I think he does play with that idea of… Is she vulgar, does she speak in a way you don’t like or that you do like?”

The “Yellowstone” star added, “I mean, she’s a very polarizing character. And for me, that’s exciting because you don’t want everyone to [be the same]. It’s not about ticking boxes. But it is about complicated, interesting, three-dimensional, the whole gamut. Dark and light, warts and all, you know, messy. And there’s a little bit of mess to Beth, but I’m intrigued by it.”

Aren’t we all?

Some of Beth Dutton’s Best Scenes in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

We all (mostly) love Beth because sometimes she does or says the craziest things. And they’re things we wish we would do in the same situation. But nobody has quite as much style or flair as Beth, who makes new enemies as easily as she downs drinks (or throws them at people).

Throughout “Yellowstone” Season 4, we got a good dose of Beth-Dutton-ness, even after her office exploded and she lost her job. From smoking on a hospital bench that said, “Thank you for not smoking” to pulling a knife on Summer Higgins, we saw all her personality come out.

Another great highlight from the season finale: Kidnapping a priest at gunpoint just to marry her and Rip. And let’s not forget blackmailing Jamie with evidence of his father’s murder.

Earlier this season, we also watched Beth take over her old boss’s office at Schwartz and Meyer after throwing a drink at his attorney. And she went toe to toe with a “Karen” in a clothes store who tried to record a fight between her and Carter.

Hopefully, there will be more spectacular Beth Dutton moments in “Yellowstone” seasons to come.

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