‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Says It’d Be a ‘Really Weird World’ If We All Behaved Like the Duttons

As much as we all love the Duttons in the world of “Yellowstone,” even series star Luke Grimes admitted that it would be a “really weird world” if we all acted like the fictional family.

While speaking with Rob Lecouria at Gold Derby, the “Yellowstone” heartthrob and Kayce Dutton actor went into detail about how the Duttons compare to everyday American families. As Lecouria points out, there are a lot of traits and values the Dutton family demonstrates that many American families can relate to.

Luke Grimes Highlights The Duttons’ Dysfunctionality

One prime trait many Americans relate to is the Duttons’ dysfunctionality. Obviously, “families have their ups and downs,” as Lecouria states. And, as we know, there are variations on how high and low those ups and downs can be. But, in addition, the Gold Derby senior editor points out the Duttons’ willingness to support and defend each other “against a common enemy”, with some exceptions, is rather “universal.”

As a portrayer of one of those highly dysfunctional “Yellowstone” characters, Grimes said, “[The Duttons] do and say the things that you always wish you could.”

He continued, “It’s just so satisfying to see…people stand up for themselves and what they believe in, and in a way that’s…on the verge of comical sometimes just because of like how sort of…’badass’ these people can be.”

Some of the actions the Duttons partake in through each season of “Yellowstone” are rather outlandish. And it’s that theme that contributes to a sense of exaggerated dysfunctionality. Overall, that’s what differentiates the fictional family from genuine American families today.

Overall, Grimes concluded, “We all don’t get to behave that way; it’d be a really weird world if we all behaved that way.”

That’s not to say, though, that the inauthentic aspects of the Duttons aren’t fun for “Yellowstone” fans. After all, it’s that insane non-reality that keeps us returning season after season.

Kevin Costner ‘Deeply Cares’ About the Duttons and ‘Yellowstone’

Luke Grimes isn’t the only “Yellowstone” actor that enjoys portraying the drama, humor, and intensity that defines the Duttons. Kevin Costner stars as the patriarchal character within Taylor Sheridan’s neo-Western. And during a Deadline panel discussion, Luke Grimes revealed the film icon still “deeply cares” about his role in “Yellowstone.”

Of his costar and onscreen father, Grimes said, “I always say, at the level he’s at, he wouldn’t have to work that hard or care that much. He’s Kevin Costner.”

However, just like John Dutton’s undying loyalty to his father and his ranch, Kevin Costner remains intensely dedicated to “making every single scene [of ‘Yellowstone’] as good as possible.”

Truthfully, we wouldn’t expect anything less of Kevin Costner; he remains one of the most iconic and well-respected actors, producers, and directors in Hollywood.

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