‘Yellowstone’ TV: All the Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Season 4 Set So Far

Dive deep into the behind the scenes filming of Yellowstone Season 4 with every glimpse we’ve gotten of the Montana set so far.

As TV’s top drama, Yellowstone has innumerable strengths. Their top merit, however, is authenticity. The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, works tirelessly to make the show realistic.

This shows most prominently in behind the scenes photos. Several Yellowstone favorites have taken to posting BTS glimpses on Instagram as they live out their workdays on a tried and true Montana ranch. We’ve compiled all the precious peaks we’ve seen so far to tide fellow fans over until Season 4 hits in 2021.

Up first is the most generous among the cast, Cole Hauser.

Hauser Shares Yellowstone Season 4 BTS Shots

Yellowstone fans need no introduction to Cole Hauser. The star plays Rip Wheeler, television’s best anti-hero and fiercely loyal rancher. Hauser often takes to Instagram to share behind the scenes looks at Season 4 of Yellowstone. This time, the grizzly actor posts a striking group shot of himself with the Bunkhouse Ranchers. Also present? Teeter actress Jennifer Landon and Lloyd actor & real cowboy, Forrie J. Smith.

The photo comes as one of several from Yellowstone’s highly-anticipated Season 4 posted by Hauser. So far, he is our largest source of information for the next episodes. If you don’t follow Hauser on Instagram, we suggest doing so if you’re a Yellowstone fan. Which you are – otherwise you wouldn’t be here! For said fans, he’s been posting a steady stream of exclusive looks at the set & action for S4. This is more than most actors have done for the show, by far.

Within, Hauser says it’s “time to go to work” once more. Hauser is thankful for another “gorgeous morning on the Yellowstone set,” and we would be, too.

More S4 BTS Shots From Cole Hauser

Hauser clearly loves the work, as do the other actors present. As with previous posts, however, not much detail is given. The actor does let us know that Gregg Moon took this next shot, though:

Up next is a shot of Hauser with his “pardner in crime”, real-life cowboy Forrie J. Smith. Smith is, of course, beloved ranch hand Lloyd on Yellowstone. The two have developed a close friendship outside their characters, as well:

Speaking of Forrie J. Smith…

Forrie J. Smith Shares More Behind The Scenes Ranchin’

A long-time Hollywood stunt man and actor, Yellowstone is Smith’s first big break as a series regular.

As much as we love this authentic cast – they seem to love each other just as much. Posing together for a behind-the-scenes shot for Season 4, Cole Hauser rests his arm on friend Smith while filming on the Montana “Dutton Ranch”.

Smith also seems good pals with fellow series’ regular Ian Bohen. Better known to fans a Ryan, these two pose with their masks on due to COVID-19 compliance codes.

In addition, Smith also posts a shot with Yellowstone‘s Ryan. “Ian Bohen and I with our masks off!! Good times on #yellowstonetv.”

Ryan Bingham Gets in on BTS Fun

The award for best caption, however, goes to actor Ryan Bingham. Bingham, who plays ex-con and one of “the branded” on Yellowstone, i.e. Walker.

His behind-the-scenes photo caption? “

As of yet, we know precious little about S4. The most information we’ve gathered has been from the above Instagram posts. Outside of this, only rumors persist. And one is garnering quite a bit of traction and clues. If this rumor pans out, too – then Rip Wheeler himself may end up with a teenage son.

We’ll know for sure once Yellowstone‘s next season hits in 2021. Before then, parent studio Paramount is expected to announce an official release date and trailer.

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