‘Yellowstone’ TV: Top 10 Quotes From Rip Wheeler

Yellowstone fans: discover the top ten best quotes from Rip Wheeler, everyone’s favorite ranch hand at the Dutton Yellowstone. The character is given such fire by Cole Hauser that he’s responsible for some of the best lines in the series.

In other words: “That train only runs in one direction,” and that direction is rounding up Wheeler’s best lines. But first, let’s take a look at some of Rip’s best quotes from Yellowstone‘s latest, Season 4.

Rip’s Best Lines from ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

  1. What’s the rule about fighting, Lloyd? Huh? God damn you for making me do this.
  2.  There’s a man in there somewhere. Sometimes, it just takes another man to find it.
  3. What a f*ckin’ mess you’ve made of your last second chance. Life is a lesson, boy, one long lesson, but you’ve got to look to learn them, and you ain’t f*ckin’ lookin’!
  4. This is for your protection, Lloyd. This is to protect you from yourself.
  5. What kind of childhood bullsh*t are you workin’ out at the dinner table?
  6. Rip: Life is plenty hard. You don’t need to help it, you hear me? – Beth: You sayin’ I make life harder? – Rip: Every day.
  7. There’s fruit in the salad.

Quotes: The Best of Rip Wheeler

10. Who needs kids when you can be alone? “I don’t want a bunch of kids runnin’ around this f–king house,” he admitted. “I don’t even like dogs. Hey, you’re all I need. I’ll call you whatever you want.”

9. “I’d rather kill a thousand men than shoot another horse.”

8. Need life advice? Wheeler has that too. “There’s sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don’t know which one you are, then you ain’t a f–king shark.”

7. “I look at every day with you as a gift. My tommorows are, well, they’re all words. There’s no word I’d rather call you if that’s what you want.”

6. “I wish that they’d come back to life so I could kill ’em again.”

5. “You know why people don’t come talk to you? Because they’re scared they’ll let you down. I know I am.

4. “I was born on a dead-end road, honey. This world doesn’t need another generation of me.”

3. Who can forget this iconic scene? “You gotta be kidding me, Jimmy. You risked your life for a f–kin’ belt buckle?”

2. A conversation between Beth and Wheeler tugged at our heartstrings and is relatable to everyone. Beth asked, “Why are you crying?” Wheeler replied, “It’s just, I get mad sometimes, and this is how it comes out.”

The No. 1 Fan Favorite

Wheeler’s message to his mother about Beth is about as heartfelt as you can get.

“Hey, mama. I met somebody,” he said. “I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with her. I could’ve gone to some store and bought her some f–kin’ ring, but what does that mean? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t curse. I want her to wear yours. Maybe you can, uh, maybe you can know her, too, somehow. I don’t know. I love you, mom. Thank you.”

Wheeler may very well be one of the fans’ favorite characters of all time, for a good reasons. His fierce loyalty to the Dutton ranch and his loved ones is shown throughout the show. Plus, he always has a memorable line for any given situation.

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