Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly ‘Excited’ For Emmys Talk, Feels Show ‘Deserves’ Recognition

Is this the year “Yellowstone” finally gets some love at the Emmy Awards? We’re hoping, and so is the cast. Recently, stars Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner spoke to ABC News about the series, and their hopes for Emmy recognition. The show was nominated only one time so far, for Outstanding Production Design for the 2021 episode “Going Back to Cali.” But, we’re all holding our breath for some lead nominations this year.

“I personally feel excited that we’re in those conversations,” said Kelly Reilly, Beth Dutton-extraordinaire. “Right now because I think we deserve to, but at the same time, I know that all of us go to work for the characters and the show.”

Kevin Costner added that “you always hope that your work’s not just disposable.” The series peaked a little late, gaining momentum around the 3rd season and really picking up in the 4th. It didn’t really get its claws into the casual viewer until then, but now it’s a household name. Kevin Costner keeps getting better with age, and Kelly Reilly is just a powerhouse as Beth Dutton. Along with Gil Birmingham, Wes Bentley, Mo Brings Plenty, and Luke Grimes, among many talented others, the cast stays prepared for award season.

Kelly Reilly Talks ‘Yellowstone’ Emmy Excitement, While Kevin Costner Breaks Down the Western Genre

In the same ABC News interview, Kevin Costner also explained what draws him to the Western genre. He broke Westerns down to their essential parts, which he should know well; he’s been in enough at this point. His first big break was as cowboy Jake in 1985’s “Silverado,” and from there he was in “Hatfields & McCoys,” “Open Range,” and “Dances with Wolves.”

When asked what appeals to him about Westerns, Costner replied, “I don’t know. There’s something appealing about the only things you have are your horse and the things you can carry. How can you do out there in the world?”

Cowboys keep only those things that are important or useful, and get rid of all else. It’s minimalism before there was a minimalism movement, and there’s something endlessly appealing about that life. Of course, I’m a maximalist to my core, but still; something about carrying my life’s possessions in a backpack just hits the spot.

Kelly Reilly Shares How She Gets Into Character as Beth Dutton

When asked how she prepares for Beth Dutton, Kelly Reilly replied, “Hike my skirt up, drive a bit fast, light a cigarette and just go for it.” She continued, “It’s a thrill ride. She’s an animal. I feel very blessed that I have such a challenging, dynamic, incredibly alive character with these wonderful lines.”

Kelly Reilly is endlessly impressive, even with such a challenging character to portray. “Yellowstone” has put in their Emmy bids with Reilly as lead actress, and we’ve got our fingers crossed for some recognition, finally.

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