‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Reveals ‘Appropriate Mantra’ for Beth Dutton Ahead of Season 4 Finale

It’s time to get excited “Yellowstone” fans as the finale of the show’s fourth season is just a few hours away.

The finale will air at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network this evening. The fates of several characters revealed, and tonight’s episode might also set the stage for a fifth “Yellowstone” season.

Of all the characters facing turmoil in tonight’s finale, none are in a tougher predicament than Beth Dutton. She got caught up trying to play both sides of the fence and greatly angered her father in the process. She is also trying to fight Market Equities from the inside, but it will not be as easy as she initially thought. At odds with her father, boss, and potentially her fiance, Rip Wheeler, we can’t wait to see what happens to Beth tonight. Something tells me she may just have another trick or two up her sleeve, but I suppose we will see.

Kelly Reilly, the actress behind Beth Dutton, is also excited for “Yellowstone” fans to see what’s in store. She took to social media earlier today, to exclaim how excited she is for tonight’s season four finale. Reilly also gives a little clue on just what path she could take in tonight’s episode. She shares a quote on her personal Instagram page.

“I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me” -Dylan Thomas.

Reilly also proclaims what these words mean for her and Beth Dutton in the social media post.

“I have written this on my scripts since the first season … it seemed an appropriate mantra for her,” she says.
“In tonight’s finale .. it has never been more true.”

It sounds like Beth might be ratcheting up the intensity level in tonight’s “Yellowstone” finale. Will see the beast, angel or madman come out?

‘Yellowstone’ Finale Will Set Direction for Future

In the third season finale, “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan set the table for the show’s fourth season. Three members of the Dutton family are attacked as the final seconds tick away. Fans are left to wonder if their favorite characters are dead or alive heading into the fourth season.

Could we see something similar in the season four finale?

Beth Dutton finds herself in an undesirable spot in the finale. It appears her father, John Dutton, has had enough of her malicious ways and tells her to leave “Yellowstone” Ranch. It also appears Rip might feel the same as John. The last we see of Rip in the last episode, he is ignoring the cries of his future wife. Add the Market Equities situation on top of all that and it is no wonder we see Beth break down in tears.

Beth is tough though and she isn’t the type to take this scenario lying down. We expect Beth will have plenty to say and do in tonight’s finale.

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