Yes/No: Did Margaret Houlihan take a swing at these people?

Sometimes, there was no holding back Maj. Margaret Houlihan.

Maj. Margaret Houlihan. Head nurse of the M*A*S*H 4077th and stickler for the rules. Except when she needed to lay the hammer!

Houlihan was always teased and made fun of for various reasons in a until full of men. However, that didn’t stop her from confronting whoever she needed to, no matter the time or place. Sometimes, when people weren’t taking her seriously enough or when she herself couldn’t take it anymore, she took a big swing to make her point land.

There are several confrontational moments involving Houlihan. Can you tell if these images ended in a swing from Maj. Houlihan?

    1. Does Houlihan throw a punch here?
    2. What about here?
    3. Does she swing during this fiery speech?
  1. Does she hit Frank here?
  2. What about this guy, does she hit him?
  3. What about him?
  4. She gets her point across with Hawkeye in this scene. But does she drive it home with a fist?
  5. What about here, does she take a swing?

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