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You Can Now Buy Tony Soprano’s Boat “The Stugots” For $300K

The boat, which was named “The Stugots” (which is an Italian slang word for genitalia), is now on sale in Stamford, Conn. for $299,900.

It was first featured in the 1999 pilot episode of the popular mob drama, in which Tony had a memorable night aboard the boat with his Russian mistress Irina, played by Siberia M. Federico.

According to People, the broker for the sale of the boat (Paul Ouimette) says the show’s popularity has attracted a lot of attention but he is not receiving many offers. “A lot of people want to just come and see it just to come and see it, not even prospective buyers,” he said. “We’re trying to weed through all that and get a legitimate buyer seriously interested in the boat.”

The boat was also prominently featured in the season 4 episode “Whitecaps,” in which Paulie (Carl Capotorto) and Benny (Max Casella) listen to Dean Martin music aboard the ship outside Alan Sapinsly’s (Bruce Altman) Jersey Shore home. In the Season 2 episode titled “Bust Out,” the show used a different boat in place of The Stugots.

The boat’s current owner (who changed its name to Never Enough) purchased it in 2016, 27 years after it first appeared on the show. At the time of filming, the boat was nearly brand new, which means it’s now about the same age as the series itself.

“I think that show just had a really big cult following,” Ouimette says. “I think there’s a lot of people out there that would love to own that boat, knowing that boat was featured in the show; it was Tony Soprano’s boat.”

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