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Breaking Bad: 10 Storylines Fans Really Wanted To See, But Never Got

While Breaking Bad fans mostly got the series ending that they wanted, there were a few things that didn't happen that would have been fun to see.

Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular crime dramas on television, and fans will always talk about what they love about the story and the characters. Of course, so much happens across the course of the series that a lot of the action was unexpected.

While there aren’t that many fans that have an issue with how the show went or how it ended, there are some character meets, side plots, or wild events that they definitely wished would have worked their way into the creators’ minds and played out on the small screen.

Walt Jr. Discovers The Blue Meth

Walter tries to convince his son Flyyn to go on the run with him in Breaking Bad

For someone who cares so deeply about his family, Walt is a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to parenting. Plus, Walt Jr. does kind of take a backseat for the last bit of the series. One thing that fans really expected to happen, but didn’t, was for Walt Jr. to actually come across the blue meth that his father was making.

He was at his friend’s A LOT, so it would have made sense if it was found. This little side plot would have been interesting, and Walt’s reaction is something fans wish they could’ve seen.

Saul’s Business (And Receptionist)

Saul in a tie, leaning against his desk in his office in Breaking Bad.

Obviously, fans got an entire spin-off series of their own to learn about Saul and his business. However, there are some people that think his character on Breaking Bad could have been a bit more developed if there was more insight into him.

Why was the office suddenly empty? And what other deep water was Saul in? Beyond that, fans are pretty keen on knowing what was up with Saul’s receptionist, and why she was so nonchalant about the criminal underworld, but also clearly hated her job.

Walt Jr. Meets Jesse

Split image of Walt Jr. and Jesse in Breaking Bad

If there were two characters that fans couldn’t wait to meet, it was Walt Jr. and Jesse. It would have been an interesting contrast for Walter’s two son figures to come face-to-face, especially since they come from very different backgrounds and have polar opposite personalities.

However, it could have been surprisingly wholesome for Jesse to actually get to know Walt’s son and vice versa. This was one character meets that slipped through the fingers of creators, and fans will always be wondering how it would’ve gone.

Marie’s Kleptomania

Fans are a bit unsure if introducing Marie’s kleptomania was just to set up her impulsive personality, or if it was one storyline that just kind of got forgotten. However, some viewers think this could have come into play in a much bigger way.

She does get into a sticky situation with Skyler, but nothing really comes out of it. Fans are unsure what could have happened, but it would have been an interesting character moment for Marie if something big came out of her kleptomania.

An Explanation Of Brock’s Poisoning

One of the darkest moments of the series is when Jesse finally figures out that it was Walt who poisoned Brock. It was inarguably one of the worst things he had ever done, not to mention tragic and mind-blowing, but it mostly tapers off with Jesse being absolutely infuriated.

However, fans wanted more of an explanation. Did Brock know Walt was the one to poison him? How did he really do it? Most importantly, did Walt think Jesse would never find out? For such a twisted moment, fans wanted to know more about all of it, and it could have been fleshed out in a bigger way.

More Time With Jack

While Gus Fring is the antagonist for most of the series, there is an even bigger problem for Walt and Jesse when Uncle Jack comes into play. He is truly cruel and conniving, and really just wants to see them all suffer. However, this huge villain is only in a handful of episodes.

Considering their demise was the entire finale of the series, most fans think they should’ve been around a bit longer, and that Jack’s character could have been deeper and more interesting. It would have really driven the finale home.

Skyler & Jesse

Skyler and Jesse in two side by side images in Breaking Bad.

There is one very awkward dinner between these two and Walter, but fans wanted more. Mainly, they wanted Skyler to stop blaming Jesse. Skyler, by some point, really doesn’t seem to care and just feels trapped with all of Walt’s business.

Still, she spent the first few seasons thinking that Jesse was the core of the problem – when that wasn’t even remotely the case. A wholesome and heartwarming moment where they both regret their choices together could have been a powerful scene.

Walt’s Regret

Walt touching the equipment, in the finale before his death in Breaking Bad.

By the end of the series, it becomes pretty clear that Walt really wanted nothing more than to have his name in lights and to be known for something grand and powerful. He wanted to succeed and to be the pioneer of it all.

He died this way, and seemed almost gleeful and at peace when his demise finally struck. While some fans love the brilliance in this, others wish that there was a bit more emotion and regret in Walter White. He did end up leaving his family, after all. Fans wanted to see the emotional toll his journey took on him.

Some Flashbacks

Elliot and Gretchen outside at their house party in Breaking Bad.

There are so many different things that happened before the show started that could have been addressed in flashbacks, but fans are most interested in Walt’s entire relationship with Gretchen and the company, Gray Matter. Beyond that, viewers are interested in Jesse Pinkman.

There’s talk of him being a student of Walter White, but it would have been both cheeky and chilling to see him sitting in class while Walt taught them about chemicals and drugs. A little dive into the past could have had viewers even more engaged.

Walt & Jesse’s Success

Jesse and Walt drinking on the couch, in hazmat suits in Breaking Bad.

There is no denying that Walt and Jesse had a monopoly of the meth business, but fans are a bit bummed that the “top of their game” moments were so short-lived. Especially with Walt, who gave up everything to have the business succeed, and finally got the power he craved.

There were surprisingly few moments of actual business dealings, and there was even less time where Walter was actually the kingpin on the streets. After everything that happened, it could have been entertaining to see him on top for a longer period of time.

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