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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Think Buddy Is John C. Reilly’s Twin

My Big Fat Fabulous Life and TLC fans totally think that Buddy Bell is actor John C. Reilly's twin since the two share a strong resemblance.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life and TLC fans think that Buddy Bell is actor John C. Reilly’s twin, as the two share a strong resemblance. They both have the same facial features and characteristics. In addition, they both often play a comedic character in their respective shows.

TLC fans are celebrating Bell as the unsung hero of season eight, who knew all along Chase Severino was a bad idea for his best friend, Whitney Way Thore. Even though he got a bad vibe from Severino, Bell, for the most part, stood by Thore’s side. The two best friends are now living together in Charlotte until the pandemic is over and hope to meet new significant others. Even though fans believe that they belong together, the two friends are maintaining a platonic relationship.

One fan pointed out the uncanny similarity between Thore’s best friend Bell and Wreck-It Ralph star John C. Reilly in an amusing Reddit thread. Fans always thought he resembled someone famous but could not put their finger on it until now.

A fan posted, “Buddy looks like John C. Reilly now.” Another reader quickly agreed and put their two cents in, saying, “He totally does! I was coincidentally—right after watching the latest episode of MBFFL!—rewatching Kong: Skull Island last night, and John C. Reilly plays this crazy man shipwrecked on the island for decades, and it was like disheveled Buddy was stomping around on screen! I was shooketh.” Once the fans started to point out the similarities, it was hard to unsee.

While Bell has no intention of entering and acting gigs, he did try his hand at stand up during a previous season. Even though he bombed, he said he would give it another go. Since Thore’s breakup, Bell has been living with her and trying to help her heal from her heartbreak. The season is coming to an end and while everyone thinks the two should just date it looks like it will be another season of them just being friends.

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